Assessing the Condition of Your BMW Before a Road Trip

Assessing the Condition of Your BMW Before a Road Trip - Motorwerkes - BMW Inspection Calgary

With warmer weather comes a great opportunity to take your BMW for a trip out on the open road. Whether you’re running solo or going with friends or family, it’s critical that you keep your vehicle in the proper condition for the journey. Here are a few things we like to look out for.

Oil and Fluid Levels

How long has it been since your last oil service? Do you follow the Motorwerkes recommendation of 5,000-8,000 km intervals? Road trips can add on a considerable amount of extended strain to your engine if everything isn’t running smoothly. Depending on the distance, you should also be prepared for the possibility of having to refill your oil in the middle of the trip, so taking some with you may be advisable. After considering the oil, your brake and wiper fluids as well as coolant levels should be next on your list.

Brakes and Tires

Even if your brake fluid has been checked, that still leaves the condition of the brakes themselves. The importance of this in terms of safety goes without saying, especially with all the braking you’ll need to do in certain environments. Similarly, knowing the condition of your tires is imperative. Have you switched to a summer set as recommended in our blog on seasonal tires? Be sure to get this done and to keep your pressure within manufacturer-recommended range. Don’t forget that checking pressure at a lower temperature will give you a more accurate reading!

Battery and Other Components

When it comes to your battery, cables should be firmly in place with connections in tact and there should be no signs of corrosion. If you spot that unsightly residue on the cable clamps and terminals, it can be dealt with using a toothbrush and baking soda or with a specialized terminal brush. However, depending on its age, having your battery tested may be a good idea. Continue to cover your bases by checking your wipers, all lamps, and other small components. Then you’ll be able to enjoy those long stretches of road with true peace of mind!

Keeping your BMW in the best condition always makes for a better road trip, keeping you and your passengers both safe and comfortable. To schedule an inspection and for further advice, give Motorwerkes a call at (403) 768-3162 today!