Avoiding Winter Car Care Mistakes

Avoiding Winter Car Care Mistakes - Motorwerkes - BMW Certified Technicians

Extreme temperatures will always have significant effects on many aspects of your BMW. While many drivers are aware of this, there are still a few missteps that commonly occur when it comes to taking care of a vehicle during this season.

Important Seasonal Changes

A shift in season, especially into winter, typically means you’ll need to make a few changes to your vehicle. Failing to cover your bases could lead you to some significant dilemmas. Winter tires, for instance, are never something you should skip. Buying and installing a quality pair will significantly improve the safety and feel of your drive. If your windshield wipers are worn or too loose against your windshield, replacing them can help prevent accidents due to buildup of snowfall while driving. Don’t forget to check all your fluid levels as well as the condition of your battery, which is more likely to fail in low temperatures. If you need to replace it, don’t hesitate to do so!

Harmful Habits

Even though you’ve probably been through countless winters with your BMW, it’s always wise to avoid overestimating your own abilities when it comes to abrupt stops and tight cornering. Stay attentive and conservative about your input and don’t assume that your stability and traction control systems will save you when you make a poor decision! Other than these considerations, don’t forget about the little things. For instance, de-ice your windshield using a scraper rather than a bucket of hot water (which can crack the glass), and don’t spend an excessive amount of time letting your vehicle warm up before you leave.

Warning Signs

Addressing common winter-related issues is not only about which actions to take and which ones to avoid. It’s also about being aware of indications that a less obvious problem may be at work. If your tires are squealing too often when cornering, your pressure may be too low. This is not uncommon in the winter, due to contraction of air in low temperatures. Hearing screeches or other unusual sounds from your brakes can also be more apparent in the cold due to ice in the wheel well, so listen for these and be sure to have them serviced as soon as possible!

If something’s not quite right with your BMW this winter, having it promptly checked out is wise both financially and in terms of safety. We’re always happy to help, so call Motorwerkes at (403) 768-3166, and let us know what you need!