Is Your BMW Ready for Winter?

Is Your BMW Ready for Winter? - Motorwerkes - BMW Experts in Calgary

Preparedness is one of the most important qualities for any responsible driver. When the weather starts to get a bit more extreme, this is especially true. Everything from the condition of your BMW to the safety of you and your passengers depends on how you get ready for winter!

Gearing Up

The state of your vehicle itself is important, but some drivers might underestimate the importance of having the right supplies and equipment ready throughout the season. If you’re planning a road trip to visit family for the holidays, it will be critical to have the right things at hand in case you find yourself in a sticky situation. In addition to the usual scraper, jumper cables, flashlight, and batteries, you should also have a blanket, lighter, sand (or kitty litter) and handheld shovel for getting unstuck, and road flares. Of course, you should never forget that first aid kit!

Preparative Maintenance

The sooner you can take care of essential winter maintenance, the better. Switch out your tires for a high quality winter set if you haven’t already. A comprehensive check-up from a trusted technician is always a good idea. Attention should be paid to everything from the levels and condition of fluids to belts, hoses, electrical components, brakes, and more. You’ll want to keep a particularly close watch on your tire pressure, as this tends to sink a bit in low temperatures. Pay attention to the details and don’t delay if you think something needs work.

Mindful Driving

Winter preparedness isn’t just about what tools you have at the ready or the shape that your BMW is in. It’s also about knowing how you should adjust your driving habits. Staying safe and in control is key no matter what time of year it is, but with all those slick surfaces, lack of traction, and decreased visibility, this time of year has a way of presenting a few complications into what would typically be an uneventful drive. Be smart and moderate about your input, bear in mind increased stopping distances, and be sure not to accelerate when cornering. It’s good for you and everyone else you share the road with!

If you haven’t covered your bases for winter, now is a great time to have a certified technician get your BMW ready for the months ahead. From fluid changes to full inspections and maintenance recommendations, call Motorwerkes at (403) 768-3168, and we’ll take care of it!