BMWs on the Big Screen

BMWs on the Big Screen - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

There are few automakers in the world as enduring and iconic as BMW. As such an important part of vehicle history, it has established an unforgettable presence for itself across various forms of media, even movies. Let’s look at a few memorable moments in the brand’s film career.

Memorable Moments

There’s no better place to look first than the James Bond films of the 1990s. While the Aston Martin may live on as the signature Bond car, the BMW Z8 driven by Pierce Brosnan’s Bond in The World Is Not Enough is simply too classy to be ignored. In the 1998 thriller Ronin starring Robert De Niro, audiences got a taste of the speed and power of the 5 Series during a climactic chase that featured the E34 535i. Six years later in The Bourne Supremacy, Matt Damon’s character Jason Bourne evaded capture in a 1985 E28 5 Series. Not a bad choice when you’re on the run!

BMW Films

In 2001 and 2002, BMW embarked on their own film production project in order to boost PR during a quiet period in their launch schedule. BMW Films produced a series of eight short films called The Hire, boasting legendary directors such as Ang Lee and Guy Ritchie, not to mention Clive Owen in the lead role. While the internet-released series was more of a “small screen” appearance than a big screen one, it nonetheless went on to become of of the most memorable BMW campaigns in history. It was even revived last year to promote the 2017 5 Series with a film called The Escape, once again starring Clive Owen in the lead.

The Cinematic Feeling

BMW has always strived to develop a visual identity for the brand. Striking TV ads, dramatic photoshoots, memorable motor show presentations, and BMW Films are all examples of how they have built an internal world for their vehicles, and this is has distinguished the company from other automakers as the king of automotive marketing. This edgy cinematic flare has communicated to car lovers everywhere just how commanding the presence of a BMW can be, not only on the road, but also within stories and powerful images. These are the makings of a true icon!

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