Choosing the Right BMW Repair Shop

Choosing the Right BMW Repair Shop - Motorwerkes - BMW Repair Shop Calgary

Your BMW is very important to you, not just as an investment but as a sophisticated piece of machinery that you are passionate about. As such, it deserves to be in highly capable and experienced hands when the need for service arises. But what exactly makes a good BMW repair shop and how do you spot one?


This is one of the first things that should be on your checklist. Sure, general maintenance on BMWs can be had at shops that do not specialize in them, but you will almost certainly be in for sub-par service compared to a team of certified and ticketed specialists. Even if a technician may boast a wide range of general experience with vehicles, high-end German automotive engineering is a different beast altogether. Someone with intimate knowledge of BMW design and construction will take note of the things that other mechanics simply won’t pick up on.

The Right Tools for the Job

Going hand-in-hand with specialized expertise are specialized tools. You should immediately rule out a shop that does not skilfully utilize the latest and most sophisticated BMW-specialized diagnostic computers and software such as SSS, AutoLogic, and others. The same goes for access to genuine BMW parts of the highest quality. You don’t want any of your parts replaced with those that were not crafted specifically for your vehicle! Even if a shop is willing to source the right replacements, it will probably come at a higher price and with a longer wait time than if you’re working with someone with swift access to all the right BMW resources.

High Standards and Legitimacy

Even if you find a service shop that has all the technical bells and whistles, what do you know about their history as a company? What have you heard about their standard of customer service? Are they BBB accredited? Ask other BMW owners in your community what their experience has been. Word of mouth is just as helpful as online reviews. Don’t forget to find out what other memberships or accreditations they may have with reputable automotive associations. If the rates are attractively low but the customer service is poor, keep in mind that excellence is priceless and you always get what you pay for!

On the hunt for a shop with extensive BMW-specialized knowledge and high-integrity customer service? Motorwerkes can offer you both. Give us a call at (403) 768-3163 today!