Common Mistakes That Any BMW Owner Can Make

Common Mistakes That Any BMW Owner Can Make - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

Of the many different types of drivers, BMW drivers are known to be big fans of automotive engineering and often devote a lot of care and knowledge to their vehicles. However, there are still plenty of car care mistakes that are made too often, and you could be making one of them!

Not Being Attentive

We all have plenty of things to devote our attention to throughout the day, so you’ll be forgiven for not thinking about your car during every waking moment. That being said, not being attentive to the behaviour and state of your vehicle is a bad move, especially if you drive an older model. Overheating, for instance, is a bad sign that can manifest in many ways, so pay attention to your temperature gauge and tachometer. Watch out for that “check engine” light, know your fluid levels, take note of unusual sounds or smells, and remember to check your tire pressure!

Putting Off Maintenance

Failing to spot a problem due to lack of attention is one thing, but spotting one and ignoring it is something else entirely. You probably wouldn’t disregard a flat tire, but there are plenty of little things that shouldn’t be disregarded either. While you may not think those knocking sounds, screeching brakes, or rough starts are life-threatening emergencies, they’re most likely indicative of a problem that will only become more costly to fix. The same goes for routine maintenance. Always stick to the recommendations that you get from your local technician.

Trusting the Wrong Technician

Speaking of technicians, who do you trust with your BMW? You can pay attention to its needs and always be prompt in addressing problems, but this will only do you so much good if your vehicle isn’t in the hands of the right expert. Don’t try to tackle a big issue on your own, and don’t cut corners by going with the cheapest option. You could make things a bit more complicated. A seasoned BMW specialist will provide you with certified parts, sharp diagnostics with the right software, and of course, an excellent experience. Don’t settle for anything less, your BMW deserves it!

How well do you care for your BMW? Making a car last is easier than you might think, it’s just a matter of building a great relationship with an experienced local BMW expert. Motorwerkes is proud to be Calgary’s premier team of BMW specialists, so call us at (403) 453-0269 today!