Run-Flat Tires: Things to Consider

Run-Flat Tires: Things to Consider - Motorwerkes - BMW Repair Calgary

Using run-flat tires for your BMW offers plenty of advantages when it comes to safety and convenience. That being said, there are a few things that are important to consider. This list of run-flat do’s and don’ts should give you the right idea.

Don’t: Use on Cars Without Tire Pressure Monitoring

Because run-flat tires are designed to let you drive for a certain distance after a puncture has occurred, it’s a bit more difficult to tell when one has happened. If your vehicle doesn’t have a monitoring system that will tell you when something’s up, you may not know until it’s too late!

Do: Think Ahead

If you’re planning on a long trip on a stretch of road that is remote and poorly maintained, you should avoid depending too much on your run-flats. They can only last so long after damage has occurred, and their functionality won’t do you much good if you’re too far out to make it safely to a service station. In these cases, you might want to keep a spare.

Don’t: Underestimate the Weather

Run-flats are a highly clever and practical technology, but they have their compromises when it comes to certain driving conditions. During winter or on wet roads, for instance, run-flats may not perform as well as regular tires in the traction department. Always bear this in mind!

Do: Consider Your Budget

In most cases, you can’t repair run-flats after a puncture. Instead, you’ll have to replace the affected tire more or less every time. With this in mind, expect a bit of a financial disadvantage compared to regular tires, which are less expensive to replace.

Don’t: Forget About Your Rim

The common assumption with run-flats is that you don’t need to carry a spare. This is true in some ways, but don’t forget your rims! They will actually be more susceptible to damage due to the low profile of this type of tire. Even if you catch the damage early and can repair a mild puncture, there’s no getting around a bent rim.

Do: Stay Safe!

No matter how sophisticated and convenient your dealer made those run-flats out to be, never underestimate the factors that can lead to an accident. Blowouts are still possible, so as always, drive safe and stay smart!

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