Storing Your BMW This Winter? Consider These Tips

Storing Your BMW This Winter? Consider These Tips - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Calgary

Depending on what model you have and your own personal preferences, you may be planning to store your BMW for an extended period of time this winter. If this is the case, here are a number of tasks you should be sure to take care of.

Reasons for Winter Storage

If you own a BMW that is truly a cut above the rest, you probably enjoy the summer quite a bit. There’s really nothing quite like taking your favourite ride out for a spin and clear, sunny days make for excellent driving weather. However, once the end of driving season draws near, you may be one of many luxury or sports model owners who store theirs for the winter. It’s a good move if you want to maximize cosmetic and operating conditions for as long as you can, particularly if you also own another vehicle for commuting or day-to-day transportation.

Taking Care of the Outside

After all that summer driving, residue from various sources has probably ended up on your exterior. The last thing you want is for this stuff to eat away at your paint or leave other forms of damage when left there for an extended storage period. A professional washing and detailing before storage is definitely a wise choice. Combine this with a good-quality cover and your vehicle will stay clean and comfy for the whole season. Considering the weight of your vehicle and how long it will be immobile, inflating your tires to the maximum PSI as written on their sidewalls is your best bet against the pressure loss that leads to flat spots.

Preparing the Inside

When was the last time you had an oil change? You should never leave a car in storage with oil that has been pushed beyond its limits. The rest of your fluids, from coolant to wiper fluid, should be filled. Some drivers add fuel stabilizer to their gas before storage to avoid the accumulation of harmful build-up, but this depends on the characteristics of your vehicle including its age. When you take your BMW in for a pre-storage oil service and inspection, ask your technician if it’s needed for your model!

Whether you’re storing your BMW this winter or not, an oil change and other pre-storage maintenance is always smart to consider. Call Motorwerkes at (403) 768-3167 before winter hits and our team will help you cover all the bases!