Summer and Your Fuel Economy

Summer and Your Fuel Economy - Motorwerkes - BMW Technicians Calgary

As we know, the shifting seasons affect many aspects of our BMWs. You’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to optimize gas mileage during winter. Summer, however, has its own way of affecting fuel economy.

A Few Advantages

One of the upsides that summer offers is how quickly you’ll get to operating temperature. You won’t need to wait after ignition in the middle of July! The gas usage this saves can certainly make a difference. You’ll also be using certain electrical components less than you would in the cold, such as heating and defrosting. This avoids some forms of strain on your BMW’s engine. It’s also important to note that the average winter drive is inefficient and slow due to traffic congestion and more cautious speeds. Even if you do get a chance to pick up the pace, you’ll get higher aerodynamic resistance in cold air than warm air. Both of these factor promote better fuel efficiency during the warmer months.

Cooling and Airflow Issues

Despite these advantages, there are some downsides. Air conditioning is probably the number one factor you should bear in mind, as many of us try to get as much out of our A/C as we can during hot days without giving it much thought. This can be pretty taxing on your engine for prolonged periods of time. Your first impulse may be to drive with the windows down more often, but this will take its toll as well! The last thing you want to do is compromise the sleek aerodynamic character of your BMW with increased drag as the air flows into the vehicle.

What To Do

While it might seem like you’re out of options, you don’t need to worry! It’s all about timing. Open windows won’t bring wind resistance up by a significant factor at the lower speeds of your neighbourhood. But, once you hit the freeway or even speeds a bit lower, it’s wise to go for the A/C instead. Keep the temperature as warm as you can while still maintaining comfort. If your interior has built up heat while parked, it’s better to tough it out the heat and open the windows to aid circulation before blasting the A/C and giving your engine more work. And of course, don’t run your A/C with the windows open!

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