Summer Vacation: Road Trip Safety Tips

Summer Vacation: Road Trip Safety Tips - Motorwerkes - BMW Experts Calgary

While you might think that summer is safer than the harsh weather conditions of winter, looks can be deceiving! Here are some road trip safety considerations that will help keep your trip safe and your summer as fun as possible.

Risky Roads

Contrary to what you might think, accidents can be even more common during summer than winter. This is because drivers tend to drive more defensively in conditions that are more clearly hazardous. During summer, you are more likely to encounter construction zones, cyclists, motorcyclists, and heavy pedestrian traffic. When out on the open road or in rural areas, one of the most common collisions that you can have during summer is with crossing animals. Remaining alert is therefore just as important in the middle of July as it is in the middle of February, no matter where you are.

Staying Prepared

The first thing you should be certain of before leaving on a trip is that your BMW is in great operational condition. Everything from an oil change to a coolant flush should be considered, depending when you last saw a certified BMW technician and what work was done. Are you planning on towing a boat or other heavy load? Check to be sure that you know your BMW’s limits as well as the applicable road laws. As always, a comprehensive first aid kit and emergency supplies should be in your BMW at all times. A flashlight or glow sticks, jumper cables, bottled water, the works! It’s far easier to relax when you know you have your bases covered.

Responsible Driving

Driving out on the open road may also make it tempting to push your vehicle a bit harder than usual. As much as you might enjoy that performance upgrade, don’t forget that keeping yourself and your passengers safe — not to mention sharing the road — is priority one. Since road trips in Canada tend to cover pretty long distances at a time, take routine breaks and maintain alertness no matter how empty the road might be. If you’re taking allergy medication to deal with all that pollen, driving drowsy definitely isn’t a good idea. Eliminating risks means making your summer trip the best it can be!

Getting ready for a trip? Be sure to take your BMW in for a detailed inspection! Our team will help ensure plenty of smooth summer drives for you and your passengers. Give us a call at (403) 768-3161 to make an appointment!