How Is the Condition of Your Upholstery?

How Is the Condition of Your Upholstery? - Motorwerkes - BMW Detailing Services

As we’ve written recently, summer heat can really build up and take a toll on the interior of your BMW. That means there’s no better time to think about how to keep your upholstery looking and feeling great!

The Conditions of the Season

Summertime means more UV light, more heat, and often more dirt. Your BMW’s upholstery will inevitably come into contact with all three of these throughout the season. Without diligent care, you’ll probably start to see discolouration, staining, or even cracking if your upholstery is leather. Using your sun shade and maintaining a regular cleaning routine is a great place to start when fighting these common seasonal concerns. If you do a good job of making that beautiful interior last, it will not only improve your sense of comfort, but it will also contribute to a better resale value for your vehicle.


Your leather needs to retain its natural oil content and withstand UV exposure, which can be accomplished a few different ways. The most important is to vacuum frequently and keep abrasive materials like dirt and grit away from your surfaces. Basic, routine detailing can usually be done with a damp non-abrasive cloth, followed by buffing with a dry one. Specialized leather cleaners as well as leather conditioners and UV protectant are often used, but the right leather cleaning kit will depend on your particular interior. You should always follow the recommendations of your manual or a trusted BMW technician. If you use the wrong leather care product, you could make things worse!

Other Materials and Surfaces

Simple cleaning of fabric upholstery can be done with specialized fabric shampoos or even a 50/50 mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Vinyl is particularly straightforward to maintain, as a good household glass cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth will usually do the trick for routine upkeep. In all cases, you should always stay on top of your vacuuming and make sure the vacuum brush you use won’t damage the surfaces. Whether your interior is leather, fabric, or vinyl, a professional detailing can make a tremendous difference. From steam cleaning to specialized leather maintenance and more, it can pay off to explore your options!

If your BMW’s interior has seen better days, an expert detailing could be just the thing you need. Motorwerkes now offers detailing services, so be sure to give us a call at (403) 768-3168 to make an appointment!

Thanks to Your Feedback: Detailing Services

Thanks to Your Feedback: Detailing and Shuttle Services - Motorwerkes - BMW Car Detailing Service Calgary

At Motorwerkes, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible attention to our customers at all times. This not only means providing our standard services in a timely, communicative, and helpful manner, but also listening to requests for new services. Our latest additions are the subjects of this week’s blog.

Detailing Your BMW

While we never miss an opportunity to recommend that you take care of the internal works of your vehicle, let’s not forget that cleanliness and cosmetic condition are highly important as well. Keeping the various surfaces of your interior and exterior clean goes a long way toward protecting your investment and optimizing comfort for both driver and passenger. It was clear to us here at Motorwerkes that this is important to you, as we’ve gotten plenty of feedback requesting a quality detailing service. Ask and you shall receive! We now offer a wash and chamois of your BMW’s exterior, a shampoo and steam-clean of the interior, and even an engine bay shampoo.

Evolving as a Business

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for businesses to stick too closely to their time-tested routines without regarding feedback with as much respect as it deserves. In order to be the BMW experts you can always count on, we know that it’s of paramount importance to stay flexible. Evolving as a business and reshaping our practices in accordance to the wishes of our loyal clients is one of our highest priorities. If you have any ideas as to how we can improve our variety and quality of service, never hesitate to let us know!

Need an interior or exterior detailing? Give us a call at (403) 768-3162 today for pricing information. We’re here to keep your BMW looking and working great, both inside and out!