Managing an Effective Maintenance Schedule for Your BMW

Managing an Effective Maintenance Schedule for Your BMW - BMW Experts - Calgary

Ensuring a long life and stable operation for your BMW means knowing what components to service and how often. How you should approach your maintenance schedule in detail will depend on your particular model, but we’ve put together a few guidelines to make sure you’re on the right track.

Oil Service

There’s a lot of heat and friction going on when you use your vehicle and nothing can stop your oil from losing its efficiency as a lubricant over time. Some dealers will recommend intervals that save money in the short term, but we recommend a change every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. This type of frequency will work wonders for the longevity of your vehicle, not to mention saving you money and stress in the long run, offering your engine and all of its potentially pricey components a much longer life.


In the same way that your oil is critical for curbing the friction that happens between all your engine components, your transmission won’t operate properly without adequate lubrication and cooling. Regular and professional transmission service will get the dirty fluid out and the new fluid in, preventing transmission failure, problems accelerating or shifting, and long-term damage. Our general recommendation for maintaining a robust transmission is by having it serviced every 70,000 kilometers. Depending on your vehicle and the overall condition of its transmission, this could mean a fluid change, flush, filter replacement, or combination thereof.

Other Components

Like anything else, your spark plugs will also give in to age over time, which means they’ll produce a less adequate charge than when when they were new. For these we recommend an inspection and potential replacement every 100,000 kilometers. The same interval can be applied to your front and rear differential fluid, as well as your transfer case fluid if your car has all-wheel drive. Never underestimate the power of staying on schedule and trusting your vehicle with the most skilled technicians. It’s for the sake of your vehicle itself as well as the safety of its driver and passengers!

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