Is Your Battery Holding up in the Heat?

Is Your Battery Holding up in the Heat? - Motorwerkes - Expert BMW Technicians Calgary

Last week’s blog took you through the function of a typical automotive battery. Like any aspect of your BMW, the health and efficiency of your battery can be affected by various surrounding conditions. Since summer is in full swing, let’s take a look at heat.

Why It’s Important

On that summer road trip, miles from the nearest service station, there are few things worse than a dead battery. A car that won’t start can really leave a dent in your trip. Since it also powers a number of components when the engine is off, a dead battery means no air conditioning on a hot summer day while you’re waiting to be towed! Whether it’s the functionality of important electrical devices or protection regulation of voltage spikes from the alternator, your BMW depends on its battery. Looking after its condition is non-negotiable whether it’s summer or not!

Summer Temperatures

We’ve indicated the importance of maintaining your battery during winter, but late July can be just as troublesome as mid-February, if not more. Like any part of your BMW, it has an ideal operating temperature — which varies based on what you have — and peak summer temperatures can easily edge their way higher than the comfort zone. Heat is prone cause the water in the battery’s electrolyte solution to evaporate in minimal but significant amounts over time. It can also accelerate the process of internal corrosion. This adds up to a shorter lifespan if you don’t take good care of it.

Keeping It in Good Shape

If you want to keep your battery strong year-round, you should remain diligent about routine maintenance and inspections. As always, keep it clear of corrosive residue and watch out for signs of damage to the casing and terminals. Looking out for dirt, plant debris, and other materials that may have found their way onto the surface is also recommended. Above all, make sure your BMW and its battery get a thorough inspection by a certified technician, especially before and after big trips. From there, you can always ask them for detailed advice on what considerations your particular battery requires at home!

Whether you’re hitting the road for a vacation or just need a routine checkup, our team of expert BMW technicians is ready to help you optimize the life of your battery and more. Call Motorwerkes at (403) 768-3163 today!