The Importance of Using Supreme Fuel

The Importance of Using Supreme Fuel - Motorwerkes Inc. - BMW service center

Depending on your vehicle, you may or may not already be using supreme fuel. Some require it, some only recommend it, but in general it holds a number of benefits for the condition of your engine. Let’s have a look at how exactly it works and why it’s important to give your vehicle the best fuel it can get.

When Combustion Goes Wrong

The engine in your vehicle relies on a smooth cycle of combustion to keep its crankshafts moving and the wheels turning. In order for this to work, the air/fuel mixture in each cylinder must be ignited by its corresponding spark plug at precisely the right moment during every cycle. If the mixture ignites prematurely, you’ve got pre-ignition, which leads to “knocking” or “pinging.” This is an aggressive, audible change in pressure that the cylinder was not designed to handle. With thousands of cycles happening every minute, knocking can take a disastrous toll on the integrity of your engine.

Where Supreme Fuel Comes In

Compared with regular fuel, the high octane rating of supreme fuel indicates that a higher temperature is needed for combustion. Supreme is therefore more resistant to pre-ignition. This is particularly important if you have a love for high-performance vehicles, as the cylinders of these engines are designed with higher compression ratios. This means that your combustion chamber and cylinder can get a more efficient degree of mechanical energy out of a given cycle. With a high ratio comes greater risk of knocking, so the use of supreme fuel is critical.

What About Regular Engines?

While high performance engines absolutely require supreme fuel, many people argue that it is useless for lower-ratio engines that don’t need it. This isn’t necessarily true, especially if your car is a bit older. Over time, carbon deposits accumulate on the inside of your cylinders, and this affects your compression ratio. You may have found that as your vehicle has aged, you’ve begun to hear that dreaded knocking sound. Using supreme fuel could be a great way to keep up with the aging of your engine and stop pre-ignition at the source. This will ensure a much longer life!

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