Car Care Tips for Spring

Car Care Tips for Spring - Motorwerkes - Interior and Exterior Detailing Services

Each season comes with its own conditions and extremes that make certain aspects of vehicle care particularly important to be aware of. The transition from winter to spring is an important time to keep a close eye on certain things, so let’s take a look.

On the Outside

By the end of winter, there’s a certain amount of wear and tear that has inevitably accumulated on the exterior and underside of your BMW. The combination of water, road salt, and dirty slush can add up to some unfortunate corrosion, rusting and other issues if a proper cleaning isn’t carried out when spring kicks in. Getting an undercarriage wash and detailing of the exterior will help to alleviate these problems and get your spring off to a good start. Your wipers have almost certainly been working overtime for the past few months, so be sure to check their condition. And don’t forget to have those winter tires switched out for a set of summer tires!

On the Inside

Chances are you’ve either done or are planning to do some spring cleaning around the house. What’s true for the interior of your home can also be true for the interior of your vehicle. Various forms of debris, dirt, and other unpleasant material has probably gathered up. Take some time to open all doors to air out the interior, throw away bits of trash, remove winter floor mats, and vacuum all floors and small spaces. Cleaning and protecting plastic surfaces, as well as vinyl, leather, or other upholstery materials, is always a good idea.

A Professional Check-Up

When it comes to fluid levels, hoses, your battery, and other critical components, having your BMW serviced this time of year can make a significant difference in how your maintenance requirements develop throughout spring and summer. It can be quite relieving to catch any winter-induced issues early on and take care of them right away. Have road conditions lead to any problems with your suspension or alignment? The shock administered to your chassis by potholes, for instance, can build up and have you pulling a bit to one side. The more thorough your spring check-up, the better your spring driving will be!

Looking forward to those smooth, sunny drives again? Motorwerkes can help you keep things in good order with a thorough check-up and our new interior and exterior detailing services. Call (403) 453-0269 to make an appointment today!