Performance Upgrades For Your BMW

Performance Upgrades For Your BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW vehicle repairs calgary

If your BMW is in tip-top cosmetic and functional condition, nicely done! If, however, you’re looking to take it from stock vehicle to high-performance powerhouse, look no further. Here are a few common examples of performance upgrades and what you should know about them.


Stock exhaust systems are fine for the minimum performance needed in basic everyday driving, but getting a new level of power and efficiency is where an aftermarket system will come in. The bottom line is that your BMW needs to breathe. How efficiently it does this will be determined in part by the shape, material and other aspects of the exhaust system. If you want better bang for your fuel, whether it’s increased horsepower or better longevity, an exhaust upgrade is one of the most practical performance improvements you can make.


When it comes to traction, response, and even the health of your brakes, the results of a performance suspension upgrade will be instantly noticeable. No only that, they’ll offer you lasting peace of mind in terms of safety and vehicle longevity. The more efficient your weight distribution is, the less stress you’re putting on the structure of your vehicle and your mind, particularly when dealing with unpredictable road conditions. Everything from sturdier springs and shocks to a lower centre of gravity will be facilitated by a good performance suspension treatment.


The default mapping of your ECU (Engine Control Unit) has been designed to monitor and control a wide range of functions in your engine, but the manufacturer has done this in a way that fits an average road condition or climate type to ensure that the ECU doesn’t favor one kind of driving environment over another. Performance tuning is an excellent way upgrade the brains of your BMW in a more specialized way and take it beyond stock functionality. This involves an expert touch by a technician who understands the system at work in any BMW, as there’s never a one-size-fits all software tuning for all vehicles. Again, the stock components and recommended maintenance of your BMW will keep you in decent working order, but who wants to settle for decent?

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