Why You Should Let Your Vehicle Get to the Operating Temperature Before Driving

Why You Should Let Your Vehicle Get to the Operating Temperature Before Driving - Motorwerkes Inc. - BMW motor vehicle repairs

The question of whether or not to warm up your car before driving is a hotly contested issue. This is particularly true in Canada or other places where ambient temperature can get pretty low. Arguments are often made against it, but many of these fail to take a number of important things into account. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why your vehicle should be at operating temperature before you get moving.

Running Smoothly

Most of the internal mechanics in your car rely on one common thing to run smoothly: fluids. Whether it’s your oil, brake fluid, or transmission, if your fluids aren’t flowing properly, the wear on their corresponding parts over time is far more significant. The viscosity of your oil is a particularly critical factor, so it’s imperative to avoid putting stress on all those moving parts by giving things a chance to get to normal operating temperature. And don’t forget: your oil is often a more useful indicator of proper operating temperature than your coolant.

Longevity & Safety

Ensuring a long life for your vehicle should be your top priority, especially if you make frequent brief trips in cold weather. With a little warm-up time, you could be improving the life of your battery by allowing it a healthy recharge or avoiding premature rusting of the exhaust system by letting that moisture evaporate. Driving cold can also become a safety concern. Stalling becomes more likely in older vehicles if you are forced to slow down or speed up suddenly in winter weather.

Understanding the Logic

Many arguments against warming up will mention fuel economy and environmental impact. While it’s true that idling for excessive periods of time does lead to both of these issues, keep in mind that your engine runs at its most efficient when at operating temperature. A vehicle that runs the way it was designed to will provide better fuel economy and will need fewer part replacements in the long term. The disposal and replacement of parts is a form of environmental impact that many fail to consider when thinking only in terms of fuel emissions!

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