Your V8-Powered X5: Why Is It Smoking from the Exhaust?

Your V8-Powered X5: Why Is It Smoking from the Exhaust? - Motorwerkes - BMW Service Calgary

Despite the ingenuity of our favorite BMW vehicles, we can’t forget that they are complex pieces of machinery which are mass-produced at a rapid pace. As such, small mechanical flaws are bound to appear. The subject of this week’s blog is a particularly common one you may have experienced yourself.

The Problem

If you own an X5 powered by an N62 or N63 engine, you may have noticed smoke emitting from the tailpipe in greater thickness than is normal. It may be white or blue in hue, and may show up most often as a puff during acceleration after a long idle. Keep in mind that different thicknesses and colors of smoke emission may occur in a variety of vehicles, so if you’re not sure how closely your issue fits this profile, further research or a professional smoke test may be in order. These symptoms aren’t necessarily unique to the N62 and N63 engines, but BMW owners and mechanics have found it to occur very consistently among them.

What Causes It

The causes of the issue are related primarily to your oil and your crankcase vent valve. More specifically, it is due to a manufacturing flaw in the quality of the valve seals. When engine temperature rises, the valve seals harden. This causes oil to get by and eventually burn, producing the smoke. In addition to the more obvious symptoms, this leads to a significant problem in oil consumption which can lead to further complications down the line if things aren’t taken care of promptly.

How to Solve It

Depending on how long the problem has gone untreated, the fix may be quite simple or involve a few extra steps and considerations. In general, however, a valve repair is necessary as your immediate action. Then you’ll need to consider the frequency of your oil servicing. Keep your interval at about 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers between each oil change. Make sure you let the specialist know of any other issues that have cropped up and describe the symptoms with as much detail as possible. This will ensure better service and a longer life for your engine!

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