Anticipating and Preventing Issues With Your MINI

Anticipating and Preventing Issues With Your MINI - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance and Repair Calgary

Last month’s blog on the MINI looked at a few of the key reasons this marque has become one of the most beloved automobiles out there. Just like any vehicle, however, there are issues that you can anticipate and prevent through good routine maintenance. Here are some examples.

In the Engine

There many different problems that may crop up in any vehicle’s engine if you don’t maintain it adequately, but some are more particular to the MINI. For instance, some Mini Coopers utilize a variable valve timing system, which optimizes camshaft timing to make for more dynamic valve lifts, giving you better torque and fuel economy while reducing emissions. In order for this system to work, the engine oil needs to be moving as cleanly and smoothly as possible. Be sure to keep up on your oil changes so that you can prevent a compromised VVT system.

Clutch & Transmission

Oil changes aren’t the only routine maintenance you need to stay on top of. Get a recommendation from a certified Calgary MINI technician on how often you should be having your transmission serviced. If you don’t follow this interval, your MINI could end up with very preventable but quite costly transmission problems, a rattling timing belt, and other issues. Pay attention to your driving habits as well. If your MINI is a manual, for example, don’t be too hard on your clutch, unless you’re hoping for clutch failure!

The Radiator

Every vehicle needs a radiator in good shape to keep its entire system cool. This depends on a number of different parts, but two of the most important are the water pump and thermostat housing. In some MINIs, it’s not uncommon for these parts to run into problems if they’re not taken care of or replaced after the right amount of time. A thermostat housing or water pump that has been pushed past its limits will give you a coolant leak, and this can spell trouble for other many other components of the car. As always, attentive maintenance by an expert will keep even the most common problems at bay!

No car lasts forever, but it will last its longest when you seek out only the most experienced maintenance and repair specialists. Motorwerkes now extends all of its BMW services to MINI, so give the best team in Calgary a call at (403) 768-3161 so you can prevent common issues!