Questions You Might Ask About Your Transmission

Questions You Might Ask About Your Transmission - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance and Repair Calgary

The transmission is one of the most important components of your BMW, and it’s also one of the most complex. There are many different transmission repairs and services that are either beneficial or necessary, so we’d like to cover a few questions that drivers might be prone to ask.

What’s Does Transmission Service Involve?

Different services will be required for different BMWs depending on many circumstances. Important factors include how long you’ve gone since your last service and the possible need for a repair. In general, however, it entails cleaning of the transmission oil pan, replacement of the filter and gasket, and changing of the transmission fluid. This revitalizes the system so that you can get things running as smoothly as possible again.

How Often Should Transmission Fluid Be Changed?

Figures for transmission fluid change intervals can also vary between vehicles and circumstances. Some will tell you every 30,000 miles, while others will tell you more or less than this. The most important factors to bear in mind are your driving and how well your BMW has been maintained throughout its life. If you avoid rough usage of the transmission and repeated stop-and-go shifting and driving, you’ll be able to stay within a more conventional interval.

Repair and Rebuild: What’s the Difference?

A transmission repair is usually needed if the system has incurred damage or other problems but is in relatively new and stable condition. This is the case in the majority of situations. If your BMW has been in use for many years and runs into repeated transmission problems, a rebuild might be necessary. Ask your BMW certified technician how many miles your model’s transmission should be able to last when properly cared for.

What Determines the Cost?

Some transmission repairs can be quite a bit more pricey than other services. This is because they require a considerable amount of complex disassembly, subassembly, testing, and sourcing of carefully manufactured, high-quality certified parts. The procedure is multi-layered and labour-intensive, but this ensures that you get the absolute best out of your transmission once you’re back on the road. The more skilled and experienced the technician, the less often you’ll need this kind of repair!
If it’s been awhile since your last transmission service, you might want to take your BMW to a BMW certified technician here in Calgary. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs, so get in touch with our team by calling (403) 768-3161 today!