Taking Care of Your BMW’s Tires

Taking Care of Your BMW’s Tires - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance and Repair Calgary

Whether you’re counting on your winter tires during the iciest day of the year or you’re taking a freshly-installed set of summer tires out on a sunny road trip, they keep you stable every moment you’re on the road. If you take care of them, you’ll be saving money and staying safe!

Understand the Importance

Tires are one of many car parts we often take for granted. Until, of course, they blow out and cause an accident or leave you stuck on the side of the road. The first thing to remember is that not all tires are created equal, and paying for quality and reliability means that this is exactly what you get! Each type has its advantages and disadvantages related for the purpose they were engineered for as well. Not all tires are meant for all seasons and conditions, and no tire is indestructible. Learning proper tire care is critical if you want to keep your drive smooth, stable, and safe.

Know Your Habits

The majority of good tire care will fall in your hands as a driver and vehicle owner. This is all about establishing good habits and breaking bad ones. Check tire pressure often, but don’t over or under-inflate. Follow recommendations based on your vehicle, the tire manufacturer, and even a local technician. Look at the wear of your tread, especially after long trips. You can tell whether you’re in need of a replacement by using tire’s wear bars for reference. Always avoid excessive speeds and sudden, hard braking, and be mindful of the loads your vehicle carries.

Trust a Professional

As important as your own habits are, there are a number of services and procedures that it’s best to leave to a BMW certified technician. Checking your alignment, for instance is highly important, as it affects both your tires and the safety and stability of your drive in general. Rotating your tires can ensure that they accumulate even amounts of wear and live a long life. This can easily be part of other routine maintenance, such as an oil servicing. As a Calgary BMW expert to find out what your tires might need!

Don’t forget that keeping your winter tires on after winter will compromise their condition and even your safety. Whether it concerns your tires or any other part of your BMW or MINI, Motorwerkes can help. Call us at (403) 768-3161 to make an appointment!