BMW Car Care Essentials

BMW Car Care Essentials - Motorwerkes - Certified BMW Technicians Calgary

There are many different products that are carefully designed to keep your exterior in great shape. For instance, a quality car shampoo and plenty of microfibre towels are staples for cleanliness. A good water repellent can certainly come in handy during rainier times of year, whether you want to improve the visibility of your windshield or protect your soft-top. During summer, all kinds of stuff can accumulate on bumpers and other surfaces, including insects, sap, and tar. It’s wise to seek out specialized products that can remove this buildup without causing damage to your paint job, like BMW tree sap remover and tar remover.

Interior Care

Depending on your upholstery and other factors, selecting the right interior car care products involves plenty of variables. As demonstrated by a prior blog, leather requires the right soap, conditioner, and other materials to clean without leaving abrasions or other forms of wear and damage. BMW leather cleaning wipes and BMW interior cleaner are excellent items to consider. If you want to freshen up your interior air, a natural air starter kit can easily be installed on your air vents to provide a pleasant range of scents. After all, it’s not just about cleanliness, but about the overall feel and comfort.

Professional Maintenance

Of course, beyond the basic cleaning or detailing you can do at home, a solid relationship with a local BMW expert is one thing you simply can’t do without. Home care and professional care aren’t substitutes for one another, they’re most powerful when combined in all the right ways. You have a passion for taking care of and enjoying your BMW, and your certified technician should have a passion for getting into the deeper mechanical issues that are too time consuming for you to contend with on your own. If you can secure both of these, you’ll get the longevity from you vehicle that less attentive drivers don’t!

The teamwork between you and your trusted BMW technician is a powerful alliance that can keep your BMW running and looking great. If you need recommendations for official high-quality BMW car care products, call (403) 768-3169 and we’d be happy to help!