Understanding and Maintaining Your Wheels

Understanding and Maintaining Your Wheels - Motorwerkes - Certified BMW Technicians Calgary

Here on the Motorwerkes blog, we’ve spoken about your tires a number of times, whether in the context of seasonal changes or general maintenance. However, don’t forget that the wheels that they are installed on are very much their own part that dictate their own maintenance needs!

Wheel 101

A wheel is made up of a few key structural components. The spokes, plate, dish, bolt circle, and centre bore comprise a wheel rim. It is the primary element that is encompassed by and supports the tire. How you select your rims comes down to a combination of the requirements of your car and your personal taste, as a wide variety of types are available. Meanwhile, at the core of a wheel is its hub, which serves the critical function of integrating the wheel with the axle and the parts necessary to make braking possible. A safe, smooth drive relies heavily on the cleanliness and integrity of both your rims and hubs.

Knowing the Types

One major wheel type is the steel wheel, which, due to its weight and the nature of its manufacturing process, is not as universal as it used to be. Steel wheels possess a resilience to damage that might make them favourable if you need a heavy-duty set of winter tires to fall back on, but they lack the kind of maneuverability that lighter materials provide. Alloy rims, on the other hand, are more standard fare for the performance vehicle driver. Often made of an alloy of aluminum, magnesium, or both, their lower unsprung mass and flexible manufacturing methods allow for swift movement and acceleration as well as stylistic variety.

Cleaning and Upkeep

Regardless of the material, manufacturing approach, or level of complexity your wheels, routine care is essential for a good look and reliable function. Keep an eye on buildup that can accumulate on your rims, from dirt to tar and bugs. Wash them frequently with quality, dedicated BMW cleaning products. If your wheels are alloy, avoid cleaning with abrasive materials and be sure to take care of their finish, even waxing if necessary. Keep an eye out for brake dust, and when washing it away, wait for your wheels to cool before rinsing them and using an appropriate wheel cleaner. As with any part, proper wheel care means more value from your purchase!

There’s no part of your BMW that should go forgotten. Attention to detail is essential to providing a long life for your car, and few understand this better than a BMW specialist. From repairs and upgrades to maintenance, call (403) 768-3169 to connect with our team!