Protecting Your BMW Against Dents, Dings, and Scratches

Protecting Your BMW Against Dents, Dings, and Scratches - Motorwerkes - Qualified BMW Specialists Calgary

Beauty may be on the inside (and for a BMW this is certainly true), but a big part of enjoying your vehicle is knowing that it looks great. Sooner or later you’ll encounter damage of one kind or another, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to avoid it as much as possible!

Strategic Parking

One of the most likely ways your BMW will sustain exterior damage is when parked among other vehicles. This might occur when a driver next to you opens their door and dents or scratches yours. When it comes to street parking or exterior lots, nearly anything can happen. This is why being strategic about your parking can make a big difference in reducing the likelihood of damage. Park inside whenever you can and take advantage of corner spots that give you a little distance between your vehicle and others. If you’re going to the grocery store, park on a far end of the lot to avoid runaway carts.

Smart Waxing and Washing

Another source of damage comes from poor detailing technique. We know that failing to regularly wash your vehicle can lead to buildup of harmful and corrosive materials like bird droppings, but you can also end up with scratches if you don’t wash the surfaces properly. Use appropriate materials like microfibre and rinse the exterior frequently while you wash, otherwise you could end up grinding abrasive residue like grit into your topcoat. Always make sure your exterior is dry before waxing, and if you feel any grainy material left over after washing, wash it again! Otherwise, your wax coat will just adhere these things to the surface.

Responsible Maintenance

Whether it’s a scratch, a chip, or a dent, avoiding damage to your BMW is also a matter of addressing the small stuff before it gets worse. Many forms of damage lead to others when not taken care of. Responsible maintenance also goes hand-in-hand with responsible detailing. If you don’t have time to carefully and thoroughly clean your BMW and take care of the exterior on your own, a professional detailing is the best way to get the job done without worrying about making anything worse. Be mindful of your driving and your car care while also seeking a hand from a qualified BMW specialist!

Does your BMW look as good as you’d like it to? Whether it’s due to sudden damage, weather-related wear, or other factors, the best way to revitalize the appearance of your vehicle is to seek out the right technicians. Call Motorwerkes at (403) 768-3161 to meet with ours!