How Rain Affects Your BMW

How Rain Affects Your BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

Rain is generally easier to ignore than snow, so we may not think that it has a notable effect on the condition and function of our vehicles. However, just like any form of weather, it can lead to a number of issues if you don’t keep up with with proper care. Here are a few key considerations.

On Your Exterior

Of course, damage inflicted on your exterior by rain isn’t instantaneous or severe in an immediate way, but wear over time and lack of good maintenance can cause problems down the line. First off, many drivers assume that some rainfall can rinse off your vehicle and save you a trip to the car wash. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Rain isn’t just made of water; it contains a number of minerals and pollutants that are either abrasive or corrosive to many different surfaces on your car. Avoid water marks, rust, and other unpleasant issues by getting a professional wash!

Mechanical Aspects

The outside of your BMW isn’t the only place where rain can take a toll over time. Your battery, for instance, can be vulnerable depending on how your vehicle is structured. If engine compartments aren’t sealed properly, any moisture introduced to the top surface of the battery can lead to power drain issues. This is why it’s important to make sure those connections are dry and free of corrosion. Meanwhile, the ABS functions in your brakes depend on proper function of its sensors. If a crack allows water to leak in and compromise the sensor, the anti-lock mechanism won’t work properly. This goes to show you how important routine checkups can be.

Caring for the Interior

Rain comes with plenty of cleanliness issues as far as your interior is concerned. Tracking water, mud, plant debris, and other materials inside can add up to a pretty unpleasant driving experience if it goes unaddressed. This is cause for particular concern if you have great leather upholstery that you want to keep in good condition, as moisture and leather tend not to get along very well. Proper upholstery care with the right products, as well as visits to a professional for some top-notch detailing, will ensure that the rain doesn’t get the best of your BMW!

If you use the right products and seek out the best professional care, a car will hold up great no matter what the seasons bring. From repairs to routine checkups and powerful upgrades, call Motorwerkes at (403) 453-0269 and we’ll take care of your BMW as if it were one of our own!