Why Is Routine Oil Service So Important?

Why Is Routine Oil Service So Important? - Motorwerkes - BMW Experts Calgary

There are many rules of thumb to keep up with when it comes to taking care of your BMW. Staying on top of your scheduled maintenance is one of the most important, and particularly when it comes to oil service. If you’ve ever wondered why, we’ve got the answers.

Oil and Your Engine

An engine is a complex mechanism comprised of many moving metal parts that tend to rub up against one another at very high speeds. Naturally, this creates friction, and motor oil is there to make sure that this friction doesn’t get out of hand. Over time, however, that oil is exposed to a lot of heat, oxygen, and other factors that add up to oxidation and other changes in its molecular structure. The result is a sludgy version of what it used to be, too viscous and unclean to do its job. In fact, at this point it has more capacity to harm your engine than help it.

Understanding Oil Service

The main goals of an oil servicing are to drain the used oil from the oil pan, replace the used oil filter with a new one, and add clean oil to the engine. However, an oil change is an excellent opportunity to gain an overall sense of the condition of your vehicle. Therefore, a truly skilled BMW oil servicing will take you a bit further in terms of value and detail. Our oil services, for instance, include a complimentary 40-point visual inspection that can uncover any number of issues worth addressing. Topping up of all fluids and a tire pressure check are also good moves!

Securing a Routine

Developing the ability to stay on top of routine maintenance of any kind is important no matter what model of BMW you have. Once you’ve decided to follow your local technician’s recommendation for your vehicle and not to avoid or put off that oil service, this will be the perfect precedent for you to set a higher standard of care. It will mean that you can establish more positive car ownership habits that will save you money in the long term and keep your car on the road for as long as possible!

Your BMW deserves expert routine maintenance, and you deserve the best possible experience to go along with it. If your vehicle is due for oil servicing, the team at Motorwerkes can provide this and so much more. Call us at (403) 768-3165 to find out what we can do for you!