Only the Best: Sticking to BMW Parts and Maintenance

Only the Best: Sticking to BMW Parts and Maintenance - Motorwerkes - BMW Experts Calgary

After last week’s blog we may know what makes a BMW what it is, but what about BMW parts and maintenance? You’ve probably noticed we stress the importance of proper, certified care, and there are plenty of reasons for it! Let’s run through some of the most important ones.

Tools and Techniques

If you take your BMW to a generic mechanic, that mechanic may possess fairly comprehensive knowledge of how automobiles function and what they need in order to operate properly. However, a certain level of specialized expertise will be missing. In order for a BMW to receive the right care, the latest and greatest BMW-certified diagnostics and repair tools are necessary, from hardware to software. To top it off, the mechanic working on your BMW needs to have extensive experience with and intimate knowledge of the maintenance techniques that are going to bring out the best in your bimmer.

The Right Parts and Fluids

There’s no getting around it: if you want optimal, long-term reliability and performance, the highest quality approved parts and fluids are the only way to go. You may think that the recommendations in your manual are just there as a formality, but the truth is that the people who engineered and designed your vehicle understand its needs better than anyone. For instance, a BMW always requires synthetic oil of the right formula. Meanwhile, low-quality aftermarket parts may seem to save you money, but they won’t hold up like OEM parts and top-notch aftermarket upgrades will. This means longer life and higher cost-effectiveness in the long run.

The Standard of Service

Setting aside all the technical and mechanical details, you really can’t beat the BMW philosophy when it comes to client experience. BMW-certified technicians have dedicated a lot of time to learning the ins and outs of BMW maintenance and repairs, but it’s not just to attain the status of a certified expert. It’s because living up to BMW’s high standards of service is a challenge they believe is worthwhile. Every BMW driver should leave their service appointment happy and excited to enjoy their drive once again. You can’t always count on generic car service for that!

A BMW isn’t just any car, so it shouldn’t be treated with generic parts or sub-standard maintenance. Once you experience dedicated care from a BMW certified technician, you won’t want it any other way. Get in touch with Motorwerkes at (403) 768-3165 to learn why!