What Makes a BMW?

What Makes a BMW? - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

Even if you’re dedicated to taking care of your BMW, do you know what exactly it is you love about it? Whether you’ve got a classic or one of the latest models, it’s hard not to wonder what exactly makes a BMW so unique. Here are a few key characteristics that are iconic to the name.

The Design

Even without owning one, the first thing a person is going to notice about a BMW is likely how it looks. The designers at BMW don’t take aesthetics lightly. It’s not just about obvious features like the iconic kidney grille or the BMW roundel, it’s about the subtle details that only a true aficionado might recognize. The Hofmeister kink, for instance, is a trait of the vehicle’s C-pillar that lends to the body’s dynamic appearance, even symbolically reinforcing BMW’s dedication to rear-wheel drive. Overall, the body structure of a BMW displays a calculated balance between classy elegance and technical versatility.

The Engineering

Of course, as good as your BMW may look, its sharp appearances aren’t all it has to offer. As mentioned above, BMW has built a tradition around engineering their cars with rear-wheel drive or rear-focused all-wheel drive. This, in combination with a front engine, is a critical factor in maintaining optimal weight distribution and providing a drive that feels both smooth and powerful. While there are plenty of exceptions, the straight-6 engine and manual transition have also historically been hallmarks of BMW’s engineering approach. Regardless of the specifics of your model, it’s all about enjoying the utmost power and precision of control.

The Experience

The experience of owning and driving a BMW can be described in a number of different terms. It can relate to the interior of the vehicle itself, for instance. BMW designers tend to place ergonomics and interior comfort very high on their priority list in order to meet the standards of the modern driver. There’s also the philosophy of BMW ownership and the experience that BMW experts provide for their clients. You can always expect that a BMW-certified technician will not only know their stuff, but they’ll also own and love a BMW of their own. For them, all of their work is a personal endeavour, and this means better service for you!

Whatever you love most about your BMW, there’s no denying that it deserves the best maintenance available. The Motorwerkes team has the experience, training, and dedication that the BMW philosophy calls for. Give us a call at (403) 768-3165 to make an appointment today!