Spring Cleaning for Your BMW

Spring Cleaning for Your BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

There’s a lot of excitement in the air when winter comes to a close, however long it may take for that to happen! Everyone knows it’s the perfect time to clean out the home so that everything feels fresh again, but don’t forget that a spring cleaning for your BMW can work wonders too!

A Messy Season

Many BMW and MINI owners out there care about the cosmetic condition of their vehicle. This is because they’re some of the most classy and handsome cars available today. During winter, when things get messy, it’s easy for us to tune it out because we’re used to it here in Calgary. Not only this, but the more attention you pay to all of that slush, salt, accumulated dirts, and possible corrosion, the more anxious you may be about the state of your beloved car. However, being aware of it is important, and it’s never a good idea to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to owning and taking care of a vehicle.

Washing Off Winter

At the beginning of spring, there might be some rainfall that comes along and provides the illusion that the residue of winter has been rinsed from your BMW. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite how it works. Rainfall is full of contaminants that can have an impact on the condition of your car just as any winter weather can. This is why it’s important to have a professional wash done. It will give your BMW a fresh start and will address problem areas such as the undercarriage, as this is where road salt can do the most damage. Don’t forget, however, that you should also have frequent washes during winter, not just at the end of it!

Looking Good and Running Smoothly

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of starting spring with a sparkling-clean vehicle. Professional detailing can take this to an even more satisfying level. However, we all know that caring for a BMW or MINI isn’t just about appearances. The shift from winter to spring is a pivotal moment when it comes to vehicle maintenance, whether it’s fluid changes, switching tire types, checking wiper condition, or other essentials. There’s not better way to complement a skillful wash and detailing than by keeping up your scheduled maintenance regimen and having the work done by an experience, BMW-certified technician!

Complement your a thorough cleaning this spring with quality repairs and maintenance by giving us a call at (403) 453-0269 or come by the shop!