Brake Noise: Common Types and What They Mean for Your BMW

Brake Noise: Common Types and What They Mean for Your BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenace and Services Calgary

The sounds that a vehicle makes can tell you a lot about its condition. Cold temperatures make mechanical noise even more common than usual, especially when it comes to your brakes. There are a few different things to listen for, and it’s important to know what they could mean.

Screeching and Scraping

Out of all the forms of brake noise you’re likely to experience, these are probably the most common. They tend to be characterized by either high-pitched squealing or long, dragging scratches. Screeching and squealing can be caused by a wide range of culprits, from accumulation of residue to a worn brake pad. Scraping could be the sound of a chunk of debris obstructing the space between the pad and the drum or rotor. However, you could be hearing the wear indicator, a piece of metal which grinds against the rotor to warn you when your pads have reached their demise. In this case a replacement is necessary as soon as possible.


This can sometimes be a tricky one to figure out. It’s not nearly as common as screeching and scraping, but it’s still very much worth your attention. It’s characterized by a more rhythmic vibration or thud rather than a long, piercing squeal. It often comes from the rear, but this can vary depending on your vehicle. More likely than not, it’s due to a warped rotor or drum. When this part becomes misshapen over time due to excessive braking and accumulation of heat, its surface becomes more irregular, preventing it from rotating smoothly. When you hear that thumping, you should have your brakes checked out right away.


Grinding is perhaps the most worthy of concern. As opposed to the thumping and high-pitched sounds mentioned above, it’s more of a slow, low-pitched growl. If you hear this, you need to stop driving and take your vehicle to a BMW-certified technician immediately. Your brake pads aren’t simply worn down to the end of their life span—there’s no pad left at all. If this isn’t addressed quickly, highly expensive damage to the drum or rotor could result, not to mention an accident. Ideally, no driver should have to hear this sound, as it means that the health of their brakes has gone totally neglected. Always have them serviced on time!

Need someone to take a look at your BMW’s brakes? We’re now proud to offer a price match guarantee on this and any of our services. Bring us an estimate from a local competitor within 30 days and we’ll beat that price by 10%. Call us at (403) 453-0269 to find out more!

New Year’s Car Care Resolutions

New Year’s Car Care Resolutions - Motorwerkes - BMW Repairs Calgary

Have you set any New Year’s resolutions for yourself? If you have, they probably don’t address car care, but don’t forget that your BMW is an important part of your day-to-day life. As a significant investment that you depend on to get around, it deserves a few resolutions of its own!

Sticking to Routine Maintenance

Few car care resolutions could be as important as this. If there’s one thing that will have the most significant positive effect on how much you get out of your BMW all year long, it’s holding yourself to the maintenance schedule that it needs to be at peak performance. Follow the interval of miles between oil changes, fluid top-offs, brake checks, and everything else that a vehicle simply can’t perform well without. It may not seem like a big deal to be a bit behind on one or two routine items, but it will start to add up. Besides, going off your maintenance schedule just doesn’t do your BMW justice!

Investing Wisely

One of the most harmful habits you can get into when it comes to caring for your BMW is investing in the wrong parts, the wrong maintenance, and the wrong technicians. This tends to happen most often when drivers want to cut corners and save money here and there. BMWs are vehicles that offer a powerful and high-quality driving experience. As such, they demand approved parts, specialized maintenance, and certified technicians who know how to provide an experience that lives up to the BMW name. If you make it a resolution to invest in these essential elements, your vehicle will pay off for you the way it’s designed to.

Knowing Your Stuff

In addition to wise investment, knowledge is power. An enthusiastic desire to learn about BMWs, how they work, and what they need is what ends up defining the most devoted fans out there. If you own a BMW but aren’t particularly motivated to know you stuff and get the most out of it, you’ll be missing out on all the good stuff! Make it a resolution this year to take note of and follow all of the advice that your BMW certified technician gives you. Allow that advice to enrich your understanding of your vehicle on the whole so that you can ensure a long life for the top-class driving machine at your fingertips.

There are some New Year’s resolutions that we abandon or give up on, but your BMW deserves only the best treatment it can get. For repairs, maintenance, upgrades and more, call (403) 453-0269 today and the Motorwerkes team will help you stay true to your word all year long!

Dealer Service vs. Independent BMW Specialists

Dealer Service vs. Independent BMW Specialists - Motorwerkes - BMW Repair and Maintenance Calgary

Whether you need exterior repairs, engine diagnostics, or a part replacement, the decision of who you go to will boil down to two major options: a BMW dealership or an independent BMW certified technician. To determine the wiser choice, we’ll look at some of the most important factors.


When it comes to the price paid, which option wins out? That depends on your situation. If you’ve run into an issue that is completely covered by warranty, some say you should get it done at the dealer. This is up to each driver to decide, but it’s important to consider what you’re getting with that service. The dealership might give you the bare minimum, while an independent service shop will go above and beyond to give your BMW the treatment it really needs. When it comes to things not covered by warranty, however, opting for an independent team of qualified technicians will consistently save you money and give you better value for the work performed.

Variety of Service

When it comes down to it, there’s only so much you can get out of dealer service when you compare it to what is offered by a good independent shop. Service and maintenance are a given, but don’t forget about upgrades and extensive knowledge of both OEM and approved aftermarket parts. If you’ve taken your BMW to get a pricey repair at the dealer and have been thinking about a powerful performance upgrade, you won’t get the kind of expertise on the subject that you will from a certified technician who has explored the possibilities of BMW ownership well beyond the standard offerings.

Quality of Service

This is one of the most important factors contributing to a superior experience at an independent shop. Let’s say you’ve chosen a team of technicians who are truly dedicated to a friendly and more than satisfactory, community-driven client experience. When you arrive for your service, no matter what you need, you’ll benefit from a personal touch and down-to-earth relatability that dealer service often lacks. You’re not just entrusting your prized BMW to a mechanic, you’re working with a fellow BMW lover to keep that vehicle in the best shape possible and enjoying the process!

There’s nothing quite like working with a team of certified BMW technicians who are dedicated to you and your vehicle. The best service is informed not only by technical expertise, but a solid customer service philosophy. Call us at (403) 768-3163 to find out what we’re all about!

BMW Design: The Hofmeister Kink

BMW Design: The Hofmeister Kink - Motorwerkes - BMW Repair and Maintenance Calgary

We could all spot a BMW from a mile away, thanks to an iconic approach to design that has managed to innovate while still maintaining that signature look. This is a tricky balance to strike, but it all comes down to a number of key features. One of them is the Hofmeister kink.

What Is It?

The greenhouse of a car is structured and supported by a series of vertical pillars, each designated a letter. The A pillar is frontmost and frames the windshield, continuing rearward with the B, C, and, in touring vehicles and SUVs, D pillars. The angle and curvature of these pillars as they align with the horizontal base of the windows will vary between manufacturers and models, but in the vast majority of BMWs, you’ll see a distinctive frontward bend at the base of the C or D pillar (whichever is rearmost). It’s a subtle touch, but it has contributed to the look of nearly every BMW automobile since 1961.

Origins and History

From the mid-’50s until the end of the ‘60s, Wilhelm Hofmeister was head of BMW’s design department. During a difficult post-war period in which BMW had only narrowly been saved from bankruptcy, the company was preparing to release its New Class series. To debut this influential generation of sedans and coupes, they introduced the 1500 and 3200CS at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 1961. As well as being the first two BMW vehicles to feature Hofmeister’s distinctive C-pillar design, they helped spark a comeback that would both solidify the iconic BMW look and bring the company back to life in a big way.

What Does It Mean?

The Hofmeister kink was no arbitrary act of flare. It was implemented not only to create a recognizable and aerodynamic look, but also to symbolize and emphasize an important aspect of BMW’s approach to vehicle engineering. Since its earliest years, the company has become well-known for favouring the implementation of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with a rear bias in order to provide optimal weight distribution and traction. The Hofmeister kink lends to a rear-leaning poise that pays tribute to that philosophy. A signature look inspired by a signature function!

No matter what stylistic feature stands out to you, taking good care of your BMW cosmetically and mechanically is of the utmost importance. Motorwerkes offers a comprehensive range of repair, maintenance, and upgrade services. Call us at (403) 768-3163 to schedule an appointment!

Spring Cleaning: The Importance of a Clean BMW After Winter

Spring Cleaning: The Importance of a Clean BMW After Winter - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, weather and road conditions aren’t exactly kind to a vehicle during winter. After all that moisture, dirty slush, and road salt have had a chance to give your BMW a run for its money, a proper spring cleaning should get things back to normal!

Taking Care of the Exterior

By the end of winter, even if you’ve taken it to be cleaned once or twice, your BMW is bound to have fallen prey to many different kinds of build-up. When temperatures go up and the roads get wet and slushy, dirty puddles dent to splash up onto the exterior and dry into an abrasive film. If not washed properly, it can cloud your headlights and windows, not to mention wreak havoc on your paint job. Likewise, letting moisture and salt accumulation on the underside of your BMW go unaddressed can lead to corrosion and other issues.

Shaping Up the Interior

You may not think that winter can have as big an impact on the interior of your BMW as on the exterior, but things like plant debris, road salt, moisture, and dirt are all carried into your vehicle each time you step inside, and the same occurs with each of your passengers. You’d be surprised by how many places they all end up! Take some time in the early spring season to assess the condition of your upholstery and floors as well as surfaces like your dashboard, vacuuming and cleaning with the appropriate cleaning products.  

A Post-Winter Detailing

During the transition between winter and spring, it becomes clear that keeping the body, interior, and inner workings of your BMW clean is an important maintenance issue in and of itself. This is why it’s important to make a thorough inspection of the vehicle so that you can determine if a professional detailing is necessary. Taking your BMW to a specialist will give you the best possible results and spare you a significant amount of time. It can be a great feeling to return to the shop and find your vehicle freshly cleaned, ready for those summer drives!

Getting off to a good start during spring will keep things in great shape for the sunny days and road trips ahead. As well as maintenance and repairs, Motorwerkes offers extensive washing and detailing services, so give us a call at (403) 768-3161 to get your BMW looking great again!