Taking Care of Your BMW’s Windshield Wipers During Summer

Taking Care of Your BMW’s Windshield Wipers During Summer - Motorwerkes - Local BMW Experts

Whether you’re on a summer road trip or you’re just driving around Calgary, you’re always relying on your BMW’s wipers in one way or another. Let’s take a look at how you can care for them, so they’ll do a great job for years to come.

How They Work

Windshield cleanliness and visibility are important for both safety and a pleasant driving experience. Mechanically, your wipers need to achieve a substantial amount of back-and-forth velocity to get the job done. This is accomplished by an electric motor providing rotational motion to a worm gear drive. The worm gear reduces the speed provided by the electric motor while multiplying its torque. The resulting rotation is converted into back-and-forth motion by a linkage system. The speed at which your wipers are moved typically depends on what setting you’ve selected with your wiper switch, but many BMW models have rain sensors that control their wipers automatically.

Wear and Tear

In order for all this engineering to give you the best results, everything has to be in good shape. The first thing to deteriorate or degrade is usually the rubber of the blades. This is especially pertinent during summer, as you’ll probably be using your wipers to clear off materials that are far more abrasive than just moisture. Dust, dirt, plant debris, and the summer heat accumulating on the glass can take their toll on the blades of your wipers over time, not to mention your windshield itself. If you have any chips or cracks from oncoming pebbles, this can also cut into the rubber, damaging them further.

Maintenance Tips

If you haven’t kept an eye on the condition of your blades, they’re probably squeaky, leaving streaks, and not keeping things as clean as they should. If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to replace the blades. It’s recommended to do so at least once a year. Keep both your windshield and blades as clean as possible through manual washing. This will prevent buildup of grainy materials, bits of plants, and other unpleasant stuff. And don’t forget to pay attention to the mechanical state of things. Bad joints, corrosion, and other signs could mean the need for repair. Wipers are just one of many components that you can have checked out by a local BMW expert!

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