Your BMW’s Exterior on a Hot Day

Your BMW’s Exterior on a Hot Day - Motorwerkes - BMW Detailing Service Calgary

Along with being fun to drive and admirable in terms of engineering, BMWs just look great. However, summer can really take a toll on the appearance of your vehicle, and we’re not just talking about dust and dirt.

Your Paint Job

The paint job on your BMW is one of its most distinguishing characteristics and an important part of what makes your vehicle really feel like your own. With enough extended exposure to direct UV light, that handsome look may fade, become discoloured, or even chip if proper care is not taken. Two other common culprits are bird droppings and water stains, which can do their worst damage when baking in the sun for a while. This isn’t just important on a cosmetic level. Your paint job is a key part of your vehicle as an investment, so it should be looked after accordingly.

Things to Look For

While sunlight and heat may have the most direct effect on larger outside surfaces, they can also do their fair share of damage to other areas, including your interior. For one thing, wiper blades that haven’t been used or pulled away from the windshield can start to experience damage in all that heat. Keep an eye on these as well as your dashboard and upholstery. Find out from a local BMW technician what protectors are recommended for your interior surfaces. Consider the possibility of window tinting if yours are not adequately tinted already, and don’t forget to use your sun shield!

The Importance of Prevention

Mitigating sun damage to the exterior is often a matter of washing, drying, and waxing your car frequently. Better yet, having a professional do it for you will get you the best results. However, as with many potential problems, prevention is key. It’s recommended to park your BMW in the shade rather than the sunlight as often as you can. Investing in a quality cover is also one of the best forms of protection you can opt for, particularly when it comes to bird droppings and water damage. With your BMW looking good as new all summer, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the season.

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