Tire Care Mistakes That Could Lead to an Accident

Tire Care Mistakes That Could Lead to an Accident - Motorwerkes - BMW Specialists Calgary

An accident can be brought on by many different things, but some of the most common causes are related to the condition and treatment of the tires on your BMW. Some factors are less obvious than others, so it’s always worth it to make sure you’re taking proper precautions!

Tire Type

Even if you’re good about switching to winter tires when the temperatures drop, some drivers aren’t so proactive when it comes to switching back to warmer weather tires once winter is over. If you keep your winter tires on in hot weather, you’re asking for trouble. Winter tires are carefully engineered to stay soft when cold, which means that in high temperatures they’ll become dangerously soft and present a high risk of disintegration. Further, it’s important to be mindful of what type of tire you switch to. Invest in high-quality all-season (also known as 3-season) or summer tires to stay safe, and don’t use all-season tires during winter!

Their Condition

Despite how important tires are for performance and safety, they’re often overlooked by drivers when it comes to day-to-day car care and maintenance. This means that their condition can sometimes sink below safe standards before you know it. Be mindful of how worn the tread has become and check your pressure about once a month. Rotate your tires at an interval recommended by your BMW-certified specialist to ensure even wear. You should also stay informed on tire longevity whenever you purchase a pair so that you don’t use them past their safe lifespan.

Driving Habits

How you drive your BMW has a more significant effect on the safety of your tires than you might think. It may be tempting to experience the full power of that BMW engine, but excessive speeds can accelerate the aging and wear of your tires, therefore detracting from your investment and compromising your safety. The same can be said for hard cornering and starting hard from a dead stop. Of course, you may need to make a panic stop or other drastic maneuver in a defensive driving situation, but don’t forget that safer driving habits minimize the chances of this significantly.

Peace of mind always makes for the best summer drives, and tire care is just one aspect of maintenance that is critical for this. Whether you need a routine checkup or want to have a specific issue checked out, call Motorwerkes at (403) 453-0269 to set up an appointment!