Understanding BMW Software

Understanding BMW Software - Motorwerkes - Dinan and Active Autowerke Software Tunings

Most of the time we think of our vehicles as mechanical machines, using fuel and other fluids to keep a massive number of parts in motion. However, modern vehicles have a considerable amount of digital technology at their core. BMW software is one of the best examples out there.

Terminology and Functions

When we say “BMW software” we can be referring to a number of different things, so it’s important to be specific. Digital Motor Electronics is a term used to broadly describe the system of digital information that governs your BMW’s engine. The devices that make this happen are called a Engine Control Units. A complex system of sensors deliver data to an ECU on a constant basis and use that data to regulate functions like air-fuel ratio, idle speed, valve timing, and more. When in good shape and properly calibrated, it keeps performance efficient and reliable in terms of fuel economy and many other factors.

The Importance of Updates

Devices like smartphones and laptops require updates all the time to function as designed. In some ways, your BMW is similar. The types of updates you’ll need to administer will address media software functionality. While not directly related to your engine software, these optimize integration of mobile devices for media playback and wireless charging, not to mention onboard internet connectivity and other related functions. Media software updates can be performed by drivers, but updates to your engine software are only required in very particular circumstances and should be done by a certified technician.

Performance Options

If BMW’s DME system manages and controls your engine, can it also enhance those functions? We’re glad you asked. Software tuning is one of the most popular types of performance upgrade out there. The two biggest and best names in the business are Dinan and Active Autowerke. You should go with these names not only for the sake of quality, but for the sake of safety, as improper modification of factory software can be dangerous and damaging to your vehicle. If you want to unleash more power for your BMW, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, and software is no exception!

Is all of your BMW software up to date? How about a performance upgrade? The Motorwerkes team is just as knowledgeable in this aspect of your BMW as any other. We’re an official dealer for both Dinan and Active Autowerke software tunings, so call (403) 453-0269 to learn more!