Looking for a Used Mini? Certified Pre-Owned Is Worth Considering

Looking for a Used Mini? Certified Pre-Owned Is Worth Considering - Motorwerkes - Dinan and Active Autowerke Software Tunings

Buying a used car can be an excellent option for anyone who wants a quality vehicle at a bargain price. That is, as long as you choose wisely. It’s not always easy finding the best deal for your money when buying from strangers, but a certified pre-owned MINI is a tempting option.

What Does CPO Mean?

There are many ways to get a used vehicle today. Some purchase them via local classified ads, some from friends or relatives, and many even through eBay. What these methods have in common is that you very often don’t know what you’re getting, even if the original owner is someone you know and trust. Certified pre-owned vehicles have been used by a previous driver, but are being resold through the original manufacturer rather than between two unaffiliated parties. A CPO program is a way for a vehicle manufacturer to offer top-condition models priced lower than they would be if brand new.

Key Advantages

Getting a pre-owned MINI from the manufacturer itself sounds well and dandy, but what exactly does the process entail? Firstly, used MINIs are hand-selected according to higher standards than you’d get otherwise. Before they’re put back into the market, they undergo a thorough and extensive refurbishment process, particularly in terms of functionality. If any part replacement is needed, this is done with genuine OEM parts, and various testing procedures are carried out by certified MINI technicians. You’ll also get MINI’s certified pre-owned limited warranty, 24/7 roadside assistance, and it’s guaranteed to be under 5 years old.

Things to Keep in Mind

While a CPO MINI can offer you great quality and longevity as a competitive price point, as with even the best of deals, there are considerations to be aware of. A CPO limited warranty can be a great advantage over what you get with a non-certified used vehicle, but the warranty is added to the original sale date of the vehicle when it was purchased new. It will also require a $50 deductible for repairs. Never forget that no warranty is perfect, and the earlier you establish a great relationship with an independent BMW specialist, the longer your CPO MINI will provide you with an excellent driving experience!

If a MINI has caught your eye, we can’t blame you. They’re as powerful and efficient as they are classy. As part of the BMW family, they’re covered by all of the services that Motorwerkes offers for BMWs. However you get your MINI, call (403) 453-0269 for the best service in Calgary!