3 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing to Your BMW

3 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing to Your BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Some BMW drivers out there have better maintenance habits than others. You may think that an aspect of your vehicle or a problem you’re encountering is insignificant, but that’s how things start to get out of hand. Let’s take a look at some habits that are bound to get you into trouble.

Ignore Your Tire Pressure

Some maintenance habits are more related to the mechanical integrity, and others are more related to safety. Tire pressure is one thing that is closely tied in with both. Despite its importance, it’s one factor that drivers ignore or forget about the most. If you don’t check your tire pressure and keep it at the right level, you’re asking for a shorter life on those tires you invested in and, in the worst-case scenario, a shorter life for you and your passengers. The tire pressure monitoring system in your BMW should be paid attention to not only for the sake of tire pressure itself, but because it could indicate a puncture.

Drive When Overheated

As we move closer to the heat of summer, it’s a good idea to bear in mind the health of your engine. This is especially true for older BMW models, but regardless of age, you should always pay attention to your heat gauge and respond to it accordingly. If you continue to drive when overheated, this will cause a lot of extra wear and tear to your engine. Keep extra coolant on hand, as this can be a lifesaver if you realize you’re in dire need of a refill. Depending on the circumstances, however, the problem could be worse. A coolant leak, for instance, will need immediate attention from a mechanic.

Avoid Routine Maintenance

Of all the things that you shouldn’t be doing to your BMW, this is one of the most important. Why? Because falling behind on routine scheduled maintenance can lead to the above problems and so many more. From fluid changes and top-ups to brake checks, tire rotation, and more, a comprehensive and consistent maintenance schedule is the lifeblood of a healthy vehicle. Neglecting these vital procedures will mean higher costs down the line and a BMW that isn’t working up to its full potential. You drive one of the best cars on the road, it deserves to be taken care of by a certified technician!

If you’re guilty of any of the above, you’re not alone. Teaming up with a local BMW specialist will make the task of caring for your BMW easier than it’s ever been. And don’t forget that Motorwerkes has a price match guarantee! Call us at (403) 453-0269 to find out more today.