Why Use Synthetic Motor Oil?

Why Use Synthetic Motor Oil? - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Calgary

The oil you use for your BMW is one of the most significant factors in how well it operates and how long its engine will last. The common recommendation for most BMWs is to use synthetic oil, but what exactly does it mean and why is it an important decision?

Types of Motor Oil

In terms of their chemical makeup, oils generally come in four different types: conventional, synthetic, semi-synthetic (or synthetic blends), and high-mileage oil. The conventional stuff is unprocessed and suitable enough for the most basic engine types and driving requirements. Synthetics and synthetic blends have been chemically tailored to fulfill specific needs, particularly resistance to temperature extremes and rust. Lastly, if a vehicle is a bit older and has racked up more than about 75,000 miles, the seal conditioner and other additives found in high-mileage oil can help to prevent things like leakage and sludge build-up, therefore prolonging the life of the engine.

Synthetics and Your BMW

What many of us love about our BMWs is that they’ve been engineered with high-performance engines. This means that your engine will probably be doing a bit more work than the average one, offering you an above-average drive. In order for this to be possible, BMW has designed many of their engines to operate at their absolute best when using approved synthetic oils. The molecular structure of these oils has been specifically engineered to be as controlled and fine-tuned as possible, reducing overall friction and optimizing viscosity ratings. They also contain additives that reduce engine wear, build-up, oxidation, and other unpleasant engine conditions. This all adds up to better performance and a healthier BMW.

Making the Right Choice

One of the keys to a happy engine is choosing the oil that your particular model was designed and optimized for. Unless you’ve had yours for quite some time and might need to use high mileage oil, approved synthetics are strongly recommended for BMW engines. As usual, it’s very important to follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual or to get a personalized recommendation from a local BMW technician. You’ll be glad you chose the right oil when winter kicks in and your oil can stand up to those harsh temperatures!

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