Protecting Your BMW from Autumn Leaves

Protecting Your BMW from Autumn Leaves - Motorwerkes - BMW Services Calgary

Summer presents its own challenges when you want to avoid maintenance problems and preserve the great look of your BMW’s exterior. When it comes to autumn, however, one form of debris stands out in particular: leaves.

On Your Exterior

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but as those leaves fall off the trees, they bring plenty of other stuff with them. Sap and quercitannic acid, for example, aren’t particularly friendly to your exterior. Calgary doesn’t usually experience a lot of rain, but the leaves always seem to accumulate water and turn into dirty mush anyways, this can wreak havoc on surfaces by producing leaf stains. Driving away while there are dry leaves on your exterior isn’t the best idea either, as they can sometimes be covered in abrasive grit that is rough on your paint job. Always be quick to remove them from your windshield, and don’t let them block your headlights or tail lights!

Mechanical and Other Issues

Keep an eye on that plenum chamber at the base of your windshield so that rain can drain effectively as you drive, otherwise you could end up with a wet interior. You depend on your wipers for visibility and a safe drive, so be diligent about preventing blockage by clearing them of leaves regularly. Your ventilation system could fall victim to stray leaves as well, leading to odors, unusual sounds, or overall dysfunction of the air system due to clogged vents and filters. Even if the leaves in question aren’t on your car, they’re certainly all over the roads! Watch your speed, turning, and braking when large quantities of wet leaves are present.

What You Can Do

Avoid parking under trees and be sure to use your garage at home if you can. For complete peace of mind when parking for an extended period, consider getting a car cover. If you do find leaves resting on your exterior, your first move shouldn’t be to sweep or wipe them off, otherwise you’re asking for scratches as noted above. As long as there is a manageable amount, pick them off by hand. If you’ve found them building up at the base of your windshield or in other crevices, a vacuum will do the trick. It’s all about prevention and attentive care!

It’s important to be aware of seasonal maintenance issues if you want your BMW to stay in great shape. To make sure it gets the best service, give Motorwerkes a call at (403) 768-3169 to schedule a detailing or inspection!