More Ways to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

More Ways to Extend the Life of Your Brakes - Motorwerkes - BMW Services Calgary

Last week’s blog gave you an idea of how good braking habits contribute to reduced stress on your BMW’s braking system, but there are many more ways you can make them last. If you want to prevent costly damage, here’s what you can do.

Treat Them Well

If your brake pads and/or rotors are newly installed, it’s often recommended to “break them in”. This typically involves making a few medium stops at a moderate speed and following with several hard stops at a higher speed, gradually bringing your vehicle to a resting position so that the pads and rotors are properly bedded. However, depending on the BMW specialist replacing your brake parts, this might be done for you upon replacement. It’s also wise to be cautious about how soon you park your car after an extended period of hard braking. If you’ve been going downhill for a while and repeated brake use was necessary, keep moving for a bit at a lower speed to allow time for cooling and avoid rotor warping

Be Aware of the Signs

Many drivers hear screeching and squealing and allow it to go unrepaired for too long. Whether it’s worn brake pads allowing contact between the rotors and wear indicators, or the rotors themselves have rusted, the system should be examined by a local BMW specialist as soon as possible. Has a significant amount of brake dust accumulated on the surface of your wheels? This symptom is easy enough to notice, so you should take a look if it’s been awhile since you had those pads installed!

Trust an Expert

Are you investing well in the quality of your brakes? It might be tempting to save in the short term when you need replacements or repair, but you should remember that the safety and integrity of your BMW is on the line. Always trust recommended maintenance schedules and replacement parts so that your brakes get the best and most compatible treatment possible. To avoid buildup of moisture, take your BMW in for a brake system flush at an interval that they recommend. With the guidance and skill of a certified technician, you’ll be getting the safest, most cost-effective drive out of your brakes!

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