A Few Ways to Upgrade Your MINI

A Few Ways to Upgrade Your MINI - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

Last week we talked about driving gloves as a great way to enhance your driving experience. However, many of us know that the real fun begins when it’s time to upgrade your vehicle. Luckily, there’s a wide range of performance-focused work you can have done on your MINI!

Enhance Your Engine

So much of the performance of your MINI comes down to the engine, and this type of upgrade can address many different components. The right performance exhaust kit, for instance, can considerably optimize the power, speed, and efficiency of flow from your combustion chambers and out through the exhaust. A turbocharger can really pump up the strength of combustion, providing an upgrade to your horsepower and overall engine efficiency. If you want a more substantial flow of air into your MINI’s engine, an intake upgrade is a great way to go. Even the engine’s software can benefit from a performance treatment.

Soup Up Your Suspension

Of course, upgrades can cover a lot more ground than just the engine. MINIs are well known for their tight handling and excellent control, but what if you could take it even further? Upgrades to your suspension can make it happen. For a more neutral turn and a higher cornering speed, getting a larger rear sway bar is something to consider. You could also bring the centre of gravity on your MINI a bit lower for flatter cornering by getting set up with some performance-oriented springs. Factory shocks are designed to offer a smoother ride, but if you really want to feel the road and enhance your performance, these can also be upgraded.

Deck Out Your Drivetrain

One thing to keep in mind is that if you upgrade one aspect of your MINI, you’ll need to upgrade others that are affected by it. Certain components of your drivetrain are good examples. If you turbocharge your engine, you’ll need a clutch that can manage that horsepower, and your factory clutch won’t be able to avoid slipping. When choosing a performance clutch upgrade, you may want to go with one that also has an integrated flywheel upgrade. Any upgrade you seek out for your MINI, regardless of the part, depends a lot on your individual needs and driving habits. It’s always wise to get personalized upgrade advice from your local technician!

When it comes to classy performance, a factory-fresh MINI has all the fundamentals covered. If you want to go beyond the fundamentals and take things to the next level, a certified technician is all you need to get started. Call Motorwerkes at (403) 453-0269 to meet one of ours today!