What’s up with Driving Gloves?

What’s up with Driving Gloves? - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

It’s difficult for any car lover to resist the urge to accessorize, but this is especially true for any devoted BMW owner. Not all accessories are for your vehicle, however. Driving gloves stand out as an example, but are they merely a stylistic choice or do they have some utility? Let’s find out.

A Bit of Background

Driving gloves have been around for about as long as driving has. Early automobiles in the late 1800s didn’t have internal heating systems, so wool and fur-lined gloves were pretty much essential in areas that had cold winters. During that time, the primitive steering mechanisms in the average car wouldn’t have benefitted from glove-improved grip on the steering wheel. This didn’t become a factor until car heating became widespread. This gave way to thin, tight-fit materials with perforations, strategically designed padding, and other features we see today.

Key Benefits

Modern driving gloves offer plenty of advantages to the serious motorist. A high-quality leather pair designed with utility in mind will provide optimized grip on the wheel. This can make for a more satisfying tactile experience and significantly improve your sense of handling. Most Calgarians know the unpleasant feeling of an ice-cold steering wheel during a winter commute. A lined pair of driving gloves are perfect for addressing this problem without compromising grip like a pair of mittens would. Finally, of course, you can’t deny that they look pretty darn cool.  

Should You Get a Pair?

For some, driving gloves are a great-looking and practical accessory that adds to the overall driving experience, while others may find them unnecessary. However, if you do choose to pick up a pair, don’t forget the importance of quality. There’s not much sense in acquiring any type of driving accessory unless you’re willing to go all in and invest in something that will really pay off. In this regard, it’s just like parts and maintenance. The last thing you want to do is be spotted by a fellow BMW aficionado who can tell that you’ve skimped out and gone for the cheap stuff!

Whether it’s a matter of safety, essential car care, or just a bit of fun, BMW offers a truly formidable range of options to elevate your driving experience. The Motorwerkes team is proud to provide all of it to BMW and MINI owners across Calgary, so call us at (403) 453-0269 today!