Update Regarding COVID-19

As the city slowly re-opens, we at Motorwerkes are also re-opening our doors! 

There will still be some modifications to dropping off and picking up your vehicle, similar to what we have all seen around the city. We are only allowing 1-2 customers in the building at the time and will be wiping down common touch surfaces between customers. To maintain this, we ask that you line up outside our main doors maintaining physical distancing (2 metres apart) then you will be brought inside when it is your turn to check in/check out. We will also be spacing drop off times out more to prevent any long waits. 

With re-opening our doors comes re-opening to waiting appointments, which will be spaced further apart than usual to allow for sanitization procedures between appointments. 

With these changes, we are also continuing with our current no-contact drop off and pick up methods for those who prefer it (or to skip the line!). This includes using the key drop box (at the corner of the building and parking lot) during operating hours and calling us at 403-453-0269 to let us know that your vehicle is here, as well as to confirm the work to be completed. 

A couple of notes for appointments: 

  • If you have travelled anywhere in the past 14 days and/or are showing any flu-like symptoms, please DO NOT come to the shop. We ask that you give us a call and we will happily reschedule your appointment.
  • We are using a no-contact pick-up system alongside the key-drop system. We can email invoices, take Visa or Mastercard payments over the phone, and we also are accepting e-transfers at this time. We are currently not accepting cash payments. Key pick up can be arranged for no contact or minimal contact which we will arrange with you.
  • All vehicles will be wiped down/sanitized before and after each service, as well as continued frequent hand washing procedures.

If you need to get in contact with us, you can call or email at any time and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you call and it goes to voicemail, we may be on the other line, or temporarily in the shop. Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Shop Phone Number: 403-453-0269

Parm’s email: p.rai@motorwerkes.com

Hailee’s email: hailee@motorwerkes.com

General Inquiries/Abbie: reception@motorwerkes.com

We truly appreciate your cooperation and understanding and are very excited to see you all! 

Thank you – The Calgary Motorwerkes Team

Run-Flat Tires: Things to Consider

Run-Flat Tires: Things to Consider - Motorwerkes - BMW Repair Calgary

Using run-flat tires for your BMW offers plenty of advantages when it comes to safety and convenience. That being said, there are a few things that are important to consider. This list of run-flat do’s and don’ts should give you the right idea.

Don’t: Use on Cars Without Tire Pressure Monitoring

Because run-flat tires are designed to let you drive for a certain distance after a puncture has occurred, it’s a bit more difficult to tell when one has happened. If your vehicle doesn’t have a monitoring system that will tell you when something’s up, you may not know until it’s too late!

Do: Think Ahead

If you’re planning on a long trip on a stretch of road that is remote and poorly maintained, you should avoid depending too much on your run-flats. They can only last so long after damage has occurred, and their functionality won’t do you much good if you’re too far out to make it safely to a service station. In these cases, you might want to keep a spare.

Don’t: Underestimate the Weather

Run-flats are a highly clever and practical technology, but they have their compromises when it comes to certain driving conditions. During winter or on wet roads, for instance, run-flats may not perform as well as regular tires in the traction department. Always bear this in mind!

Do: Consider Your Budget

In most cases, you can’t repair run-flats after a puncture. Instead, you’ll have to replace the affected tire more or less every time. With this in mind, expect a bit of a financial disadvantage compared to regular tires, which are less expensive to replace.

Don’t: Forget About Your Rim

The common assumption with run-flats is that you don’t need to carry a spare. This is true in some ways, but don’t forget your rims! They will actually be more susceptible to damage due to the low profile of this type of tire. Even if you catch the damage early and can repair a mild puncture, there’s no getting around a bent rim.

Do: Stay Safe!

No matter how sophisticated and convenient your dealer made those run-flats out to be, never underestimate the factors that can lead to an accident. Blowouts are still possible, so as always, drive safe and stay smart!

At Motorwerkes, your safety, the integrity of your vehicle, and your customer experience are our top priorities. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (403) 768-3166 today!

Frequent Short Trips and Their Effect on Your BMW

Frequent Short Trips and Their Effect on Your BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW Repair Calgary

There several different kinds of stress out there that BMWs are commonly subjected to by drivers. You may have heard that frequent brief trips are a good example. So why is this and what can you do to curb the effects if necessary?

Why it Should Be Avoided

Firstly, let’s define “too brief” and “too frequent.” As an example, if you’re driving 5-10 kms several times a week, you might want to reconsider. One of the main concerns this raises for your BMW is the health of your battery. These trips drain power without allowing enough time for a proper charge. In addition to this, as you learned from our blog on operating temperature, brief trips prevent your system from warming up adequately. If things aren’t lubricating the way they should and condensation doesn’t have a chance to burn off, you’re only putting more stress on your vehicle, especially during this time of year!

Don’t Have a Choice?

If, however, you find yourself in situations where you don’t have a choice and need to make a few brief trips in succession, there are measures you can take to mitigate the effects that it could have over time. As mentioned, be careful about cold starts. The typical battery doesn’t have a chance to begin accepting charge until after about 15 minutes, so a warm-up of this duration is advisable. It’s also critical to keep an eye on your oil change frequency. Staying within our recommended interval of 5,000-8,000 kms will keep you in good shape, but going earlier can serve to ease the consequences.

Taking Care of That Battery

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for us to see customers come in to get their battery charged every two weeks. This is a sign that better measures need to be taken to make your battery last longer and do its job efficiently. During winter, you should be particularly vigilant. Inspect your battery frequently to check for corrosion, small parts in need of replacing, and other signs of wear. A trickle charger may also be necessary if you find that short trips are completely unavoidable.

Still having trouble with your battery? This time of year can be hard on your BMW, so don’t hesitate to call us at (403) 768-3166 to set an appointment. It’ll be our pleasure to help you keep it in top condition year-round!

Upgrades from Active Autowerke

Upgrades from Active Autowerke - Motorwerkes - Calgary BMW Specialist

If our earlier blog on performance upgrades got you thinking about how you can amp up the power of your BMW, you might be wondering where your upgrades will be coming from when you get them done at Motorwerkes. For this week’s blog, we’d like to fill you in on how it all works.

An Authorized Active Autowerke Dealer

Motorwerkes is proud to be an authorized dealer for Active Autowerke, a BMW performance parts manufacturer with over three decades of experience. It means that we can provide you with some of the highest quality performance and tuning technology available, combining the sophistication of their manufacturing with the expertise of our certified team. Whether it’s a software tune or a custom build like the example M3s listed on our site, their the reliability of their engineering help us deliver the results you need.

What Do You Have in Mind?

You might already have a general sense of what kind of upgrade you’re looking at for your BMW. The trick is choosing the one that’s just right for you and your model. Browsing Active Autowerke’s site to familiarize yourself with the possibilities is a great way to do this. One aspect of upgrade work that they’ve really made a name for themselves in is software. ACTIVE-8, for instance, combines the convenience of the piggyback tuning approach with a highly competitive 64-bit processor that stands up to TUV testing standards like no other module out there. And with just one look at their shop, you’ll see that software isn’t the half of it!

Upgrade Policy

While Active is our go-to supplier for the parts and software that will amp up the power of your BMW, Motorwerkes understands that the world of upgrade manufacturing is a big one! If you have an upgrade or project in mind that requires parts not supplied by Active, we’d be happy to provide our signature quality of service and make that installation happen. However, our commitment to Active Autowerke means that you’ll need to source and bring in the parts yourself. In either case, your BMW will be in the right hands when it’s with us!

Looking for advice on how to get the power you need and where to get the necessary parts? We’re more than happy to advise you on this and many more services! Get in touch with us at (403) 768-3166 today and find out why we’re still Calgary’s favorite BMW specialists.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know about the BMW

A Few Things You Didn’t Know about the BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW Service Calgary

In addition to all the technical help, you’re probably aware that we love to dig into BMW history and trivia. Excluding the facts covered in our previous blogs, here’s some fun assorted info that you may not already know!

The Signature Grill

The “kidney” grill that BMW’s vehicles have become known for was first introduced in 1933 on the BMW 303. It has changed slightly in appearance since then, and was one of the company’s many early efforts in pioneering aerodynamic vehicle design.

The Headquarters Building

You may know that the headquarters building located in Munich was modeled after a four-cylinder engine, or even that it was finished in time for the 1972 Olympic games. However, few aficionados are aware that the branding of the building had to be removed during the games to comply with the International Olympic Committee’s rules on product placement.

The April Fool’s Day M3 Pickup

One of BMW’s most impressive April Fool’s Day jokes was the infamous M3 pickup. The fusion between pickup truck and classic M3 structure may have been a prank, but the vehicle is in fact fully operational and boasts a number of impressive specs. Along with horsepower matching its M-series relatives, these include a 450 kg load capacity and even a drag coefficient in league with the M Coupe.

The Development Codes

One particularly unique feature of BMW’s approach to manufacturing is their development code system. For much of the company’s history, every model has been designated a codename consisting of a letter (E, F, or G) followed by consecutive numbers. “E” was the first letter used for these codes and stands for “entwicklung,” the German word for “development.”

The Mercedes Rivalry

BMW was quite close to bankruptcy in the late ‘50s due to a number of factors, including the postwar vehicle market and difficulty adhering to design trends. Mercedes attempted an aggressive takeover of BMW at its most vulnerable moment, before they were saved by collaborative investment from a wide range of sources including its workforce. Things were really back on track by 1959 when a majority share was purchased by German businessman Herbert Quandt.

There will always be more to learn about BMW, whether it’s about the vehicles themselves or the company that creates them! To learn about the needs of your vehicle, give Motorwerkes a call at (403) 768-3163 today!