Common Electrical Problems to Watch Out For

Common Electrical Problems to Watch Out For - Motorwerkes - BMW-certified technician

Your windshield wipers, lights, and even your BMW’s ability to start are just a few things that depend on the vehicle’s electrical system. Without that system functioning properly, a variety of issues can arise. As always, good care is a matter of knowing what to keep an eye on!

Battery and Ignition

Depending on the age of your BMW and how well you’ve taken care of it, some of the most common electrical problems that you may experience will be related to your alternator, starter, or your battery. Ignition failure, for instance, is perhaps most prominent among these. Pay close attention to whether any electrical components activate when you turn your key, including your interior lights. If they don’t, you could have a dead battery. On the other hand, active lights and indicators but no ignition could point to an alternator problem. Be sure to listen for a repeated clicking sound, which is a clear sign of an issue with your starter.

Interior and Exterior Lights

Light bulbs will inevitably fail, but problems with lights and indicators aren’t always caused by a simple expired bulb. Firstly, if a light goes out and stays that way even when you replace it, your problem could be with a fuse rather than the bulb itself, or even a faulty or disconnected wire. Some problems are a bit more subtle and easy to overlook, such as dim indicators throughout your dashboard. If they decrease in brightness once you start your car or move up to higher speeds, your voltage regulator may need attention or your battery could be near the end of its lifespan.

Other Signs and What to Do

Your battery is one part that you should be especially mindful of. Corrosion and leakage are not to be dismissed, so take good care of it to avoid further issues. If you experience bad acceleration or any lurching with your transmission, check your spark plugs. Everything we’ve mentioned may be common with vehicles on a general scale, but as always, you can easily prevent significant issues by following the maintenance recommendations of your BMW-certified technician and promptly treating the problems that do arise.

The number-one rule when it comes to vehicle maintenance is to never let a malfunction or suspicious symptom go ignored. The sooner you get an issue checked out, the sooner your BMW will be back to normal. Get in touch with us at (403) 453-0269 to make an appointment!