Is Nature Wreaking Havoc on Your BMW’s Exterior?

Is Nature Wreaking Havoc on Your BMW’s Exterior? - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Even the greatest BMW money can buy will require attentive care to maintain its great look. No car is impervious to the elements, and it’s important to know how your surroundings can take a toll on your BMW’s cosmetic condition. We’ve got a few examples that will keep you prepared.

Bird Droppings

Of the many natural terrors that can befall your exterior, bird droppings are perhaps the most well known and widely feared. However, their effects on a vehicle are often misunderstood. Many assume that it’s the acidic content of the droppings which eats away at your precious paint job. While this isn’t entirely untrue, it’s not the whole story either. On a hot summer day, the surface of your exterior will be quite hot, and when the relatively colder droppings make contact, this leads to contraction and cracking of your laquer. If you don’t act quickly, the marks left behind will only be more difficult to deal with.

Rain & Plant Material

While everyone knows how unsightly bird droppings are, far too many drivers underestimate the damage that precipitation and plant debris can do. Just like bird droppings, rain has a certain level of acidity that can be harmful in its own way, but rain is also often a carrier of mineral content like calcium and magnesium. These can lead to water spots on both your paint job and your windows. When combined with abrasive plant materials like pine needles and leaves, this is a real recipe for disaster. Rain can plaster leaves to the surface, giving your paint job a hefty dose of superficial damage.

Your Habits

No matter how aware you are of the physical causes of paint and window damage, it won’t get you anywhere unless you consider the maintenance and driving habits that can allow them to happen. Parking is a particularly important factor here. Whenever you can, park in a well-protected spot or one with no large trees hanging over it. Have your car professionally washed when needed, and don’t forget to stock up on approved BMW exterior care products. They will give you the most effective results and protection. Ask your local BMW-certified technician what they have in stock!

Are you sufficiently managing and protecting your exterior? The certified technicians at Motorwerkes have everything you need to care for every aspect of your BMW or MINI, inside and out. Get in touch with us today by calling (403) 453-0269 and we’ll be happy to help!