Smart BMW Maintenance: Getting the Facts Straight

Smart BMW Maintenance: Getting the Facts Straight - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts

Even if you’re a responsible driver and care deeply about the condition and performance of your BMW, things aren’t always what they seem. You could be making car care decisions that appear to be the right ones, but are actually misinformed and even harmful. Here are some examples.

Relying on Your Own Diagnostics

Today’s BMWs are outfitted with plenty of high-tech systems that allow drivers to keep the condition of their vehicle in check. This is one of the best things about owning one today, but it comes with a catch or two. Onboard diagnostics aren’t bottom-line indications of everything that’s going on with your vehicle. They are helpful in keeping you on schedule with your maintenance and alerting you when something needs attention, but that’s only half the battle. Detailed diagnostics carried out by a BMW certified technician should be the final word on how things are doing and what work is necessary.

Going With the Wrong Recommendations

The maintenance recommendations you get from a BMW dealer, an independent BMW certified technician, and word-of-mouth sources don’t always line up. This means it can be hard to tell which advice to trust and which advice to be skeptical of. With an independent BMW certified technician, you get recommendations that avoid the high costs you’re likely to get at the dealership, but without cutting corners and compromising on thoroughness just to save a few bucks. This is the kind of balance a good team of technicians should strive for, and one that you should seek out.

Waiting Just a Bit Longer to Take it In

We all know how it feels to be aware of a problem and put it off until later. Whether it’s rattling in your engine, the smell of smoke from your AC, your alignment leaning to one side, or a cracked windshield, anything can go ignored if you’re busy enough. Even routine maintenance like oil changes and brake checks are easy to set to the side because of how inconsequential they seem. Make no mistake, however. That one extra day you wait could mean that damage takes a turn for the worse and the cost of repair gets bumped up higher than it needed to be!

Proper maintenance of your BMW requires more than just the skill and experience of a local certified technician. It requires that you as a driver take all the necessary steps to stay diligent and well-informed about the state of your vehicle. Call Motorwerkes at (403) 453-0269 today!