Understanding BMW Software

Understanding BMW Software - Motorwerkes - Dinan and Active Autowerke Software Tunings

Most of the time we think of our vehicles as mechanical machines, using fuel and other fluids to keep a massive number of parts in motion. However, modern vehicles have a considerable amount of digital technology at their core. BMW software is one of the best examples out there.

Terminology and Functions

When we say “BMW software” we can be referring to a number of different things, so it’s important to be specific. Digital Motor Electronics is a term used to broadly describe the system of digital information that governs your BMW’s engine. The devices that make this happen are called a Engine Control Units. A complex system of sensors deliver data to an ECU on a constant basis and use that data to regulate functions like air-fuel ratio, idle speed, valve timing, and more. When in good shape and properly calibrated, it keeps performance efficient and reliable in terms of fuel economy and many other factors.

The Importance of Updates

Devices like smartphones and laptops require updates all the time to function as designed. In some ways, your BMW is similar. The types of updates you’ll need to administer will address media software functionality. While not directly related to your engine software, these optimize integration of mobile devices for media playback and wireless charging, not to mention onboard internet connectivity and other related functions. Media software updates can be performed by drivers, but updates to your engine software are only required in very particular circumstances and should be done by a certified technician.

Performance Options

If BMW’s DME system manages and controls your engine, can it also enhance those functions? We’re glad you asked. Software tuning is one of the most popular types of performance upgrade out there. The two biggest and best names in the business are Dinan and Active Autowerke. You should go with these names not only for the sake of quality, but for the sake of safety, as improper modification of factory software can be dangerous and damaging to your vehicle. If you want to unleash more power for your BMW, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, and software is no exception!

Is all of your BMW software up to date? How about a performance upgrade? The Motorwerkes team is just as knowledgeable in this aspect of your BMW as any other. We’re an official dealer for both Dinan and Active Autowerke software tunings, so call (403) 453-0269 to learn more!

Did You Know We Have a Price Match Guarantee?

Did You Know We Have a Price Match Guarantee? - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Every BMW specialist shop “knows” that they provide the best service, but how many are willing to do what it takes to demonstrate it? Sometimes you have to show your community that no one does it better than you, and the Motorwerkes’ price match guarantee helps us do exactly that!

How It Works

Motorwerkes isn’t the only shop in town working on BMWs, but we’ve worked hard to become the best. Whether you’re in need of repairs, maintenance, upgrades, or other services on your vehicle, it’s important to be absolutely sure you’re working with someone who is motivated to price their work competitively and give you the best value out there. If you take your BMW to one of our competitors to get an estimate for the work you need done, and that estimate is dated within the last 30 days, we can not only match the offer, but we’ll beat it by 10%. This isn’t a substitute for good service, it’s an effort to give you the deal you deserve!

Is Your Quote Eligible?

There are a few things to keep in mind when obtaining a quote and bringing it to us to have it matched. It should come from competitor who is local, and this can be any shop specializing in BMW, MINI, or German/European car service. If you’re hoping to get a price match for parts, they should be identical, and if those parts are aftermarket, they’ll need to be manufactured by either Active Autowerke or Dinan. The process of attaining a price match will involve a conversation with our team to make sure that all the requirements are met and that we can provide you with the best pricing and service possible.

Our Commitment to You

Over the years, Motorwerkes has been fortunate enough to serve BMW owners across Calgary, and more recently MINI owners as well. As our family of clients grows, we’re always doubling down on our efforts to uphold a commitment of true quality and competitive pricing for the local BMW and MINI community. Some service shops might assemble a team of BMW-certified experts only to reserve their skill and experience for a select few of the BMW and MINI lovers in the city. That’s not how we work! Our team believes that an excellent vehicle deserves excellent parts and maintenance at the right price.

Motorwerkes knows what Calgary BMW lovers expect from a BMW-certified team. We don’t just meet those expectations, we exceed them. Curious to see if an estimate you’ve received from one of our competitors will qualify for a price match? Call us at (403) 453-0269 to find out today!

Dinan: A Respected Name in BMW and MINI Performance Parts

Dinan: A Respected Name in BMW and MINI Performance Parts - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Few vehicles respond to performance upgrades better than BMWs and MINIs. What could be better than enhancing a legendary vehicle with parts manufactured to the highest standard? This is what you get with Dinan, the latest addition to our roster of performance part vendors.

Taking Things Up a Notch

When you’ve bought a new BMW or MINI fresh from the dealership, or even a used one from a previous owner who has reluctantly let it go, you’ve already got a lot of power and control at your fingertips. Still, the great thing about automobiles is that there’s always a way to enhance your driving experience. Whether it’s for a bit of fun or for more technical reasons, performance upgrades can set you apart from the rest and make that standard factory vehicle something to truly call your own. However, with so many different manufacturers out there offering aftermarket parts, the possibilities can be a bit overwhelming.

Excellence and Experience

You’ll inevitably have to narrow things down to a few different companies when choosing your upgrades. Given it’s extensive history in the industry and a reputation to be reckoned with, Dinan will probably be one of them. Whether you’re looking for electronic components, exhaust upgrades, engine-related upgrades, or software tuning, Dinan has been a major player in providing these and more since 1979. Not only do they produce excellent products that have been rigorously tested in high-performance environments, they also boast a warranty program that’s hard to beat, as your upgrades will be covered for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles.  

The Right Parts Make All the Difference

Taking the step from OEM to aftermarket enhancement is an exciting moment, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. BMW vehicles have a pedigree that can only be matched with a certain level of quality when it comes to the parts that you install in them, not to mention a warranty that won’t compromise that of the vehicle itself. When you go to your BMW-certified technician to have an upgrade installed, cutting corners and going with inferior substitutes will only lead to more headaches later on down the road. You should always be certain that their vendors are reputable names, and Dinan is among the best!

Not only is Motorwerkes now a certified Dinan dealer, you can count on us for a price match guarantee on their upgrades. Bring in a local competitor’s estimate for any Dinan or Active Autowerke parts and we won’t just meet it, we’ll beat it by 10%. Call (403) 453-0269 for details!

Plant Oxford: The Birthplace of MINI

Plant Oxford: The Birthplace of MINI - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Every vehicle comes from somewhere, and the geographical origins of a marque are essential to its heritage. The first BMW sprang to life in Munich, but what about the MINI? That would be Oxford, at the plant that still serves as the heart of MINI today. Let’s take a look at its history.

Early Days

Just southeast of central Oxford is a neighborhood called Cowley, where a small car plant was established by cyclist William Morris in 1913. After the World War II and a merger between the Morris and Austin companies, increased consumer demand for automobiles gave way to one of Great Britain’s most iconic cars: the Mini. It was finalized at the Oxford production plant in the spring of 1959, filling an important segment of the market that demanded a fuel-efficient vehicle in light of the recent gas crisis. It was compact, affordable, functional, and wouldn’t have been possible without the Morris plant and the team that made it great.

Changing Hands

Fast-forward to 1994 and we see the Plant Oxford move into the highly capable hands of BMW during their Rover Group acquisition. This wasn’t a simple change of management—it was a full-scale revamping of Plant Oxford’s facilities in multiple departments. BMW invested nearly £300 million to turn the plant from a great site of vehicle manufacturing to a truly legendary one, from its vehicle prep and logistics centres to its modernized body construction and final assembly areas. It was the innovation that took place in this core facility that would help to make the MINI relaunch in 2001 such a success.

The Plant Today

With over a hundred years of vehicle manufacturing under its belt, Plant Oxford is one of the most accomplished car factories in the U.K., helping to pave the way for numerous other BMW-operated facilities in the country. Its team is comprised of over 4,000 employees, it utilizes over a thousand spot-welding robots, and hundreds of vehicle checks are carried out on each unit to ensure proper assembly. With hundreds of finished MINIs leaving the plant each day, this is pretty impressive. If you own a MINI Hatch, 5 door Hatch, Roadster, Convertible, or Coupé, it’s made its way to your home from Plant Oxford!

MINI is as much a part of the Motorwerkes family of services as any BMW flagship vehicle. Don’t forget that you can bring us an estimate from a local competitor for any service on your MINI and, if it qualifies, we’ll beat it by 10%. Call (403) 453-0269 and we’ll get the job done!

Understanding Out of Province Inspections

Understanding Out of Province Inspections - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance and Service Calgary

Alberta has a fast-growing population, thanks in part to a steady flow of new residents from outside the province. One thing that many new Albertans will bring with them is their vehicles. Now that Motorwerkes offers out of province vehicle inspections, let’s look at what this entails.

Vehicle Registration Law

The process of becoming an Alberta resident involves many ins and outs, and your vehicle is one aspect of settling in the province that is important to bear in mind. Any car originating from outside the province will need to be registered so that you can get an Alberta license plate, and this registration typically requires a specific inspection. There are a few exemptions for this, including brand new vehicles with an Alberta-based insurance policy and all the right paperwork. However, if your vehicle is used and you did not acquire it in Alberta, you’ll need to have it looked at and approved so that you can complete the registration process.

Getting Approved

Let’s say that you’ve brought your beloved BMW with you during your move to Alberta, you went outside the province to purchase one, or you’ve restored a classic model that was not previously Alberta-registered. The registration inspection will need to take place to ascertain a few things regarding its condition and functionality. It will be a complete examination of just about every element you can think of, from the engine to the electrical system and beyond. Structural fitness, accordance with safety standards, and many other factors will determine whether or not your BMW is ready and suitable for registration.

Who’s Doing Your Inspection?

Out of province vehicle inspection isn’t provided by the provincial government, but instead carried out by private technicians licensed by Alberta’s Vehicle Inspection Program. Who you choose for your BMW’s inspection is an important decision. You don’t want to sit around all day while it gets done, you don’t want to pay an outrageous price, and you don’t want to leave such an important procedure to someone who isn’t thorough or familiar with your model. This is why OOP inspection of a BMW should be carried out by an experienced BMW-certified technician. You and your BMW deserve nothing less!

Whether you’ve chosen Calgary or the surrounding area as your new home or you’ve purchased a used vehicle outside the province, Motorwerkes will be happy to welcome you or your BMW to Alberta with a top-notch inspection. Give us a call at (403) 453-0269 to find out more today!