Is Nature Wreaking Havoc on Your BMW’s Exterior?

Is Nature Wreaking Havoc on Your BMW’s Exterior? - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Even the greatest BMW money can buy will require attentive care to maintain its great look. No car is impervious to the elements, and it’s important to know how your surroundings can take a toll on your BMW’s cosmetic condition. We’ve got a few examples that will keep you prepared.

Bird Droppings

Of the many natural terrors that can befall your exterior, bird droppings are perhaps the most well known and widely feared. However, their effects on a vehicle are often misunderstood. Many assume that it’s the acidic content of the droppings which eats away at your precious paint job. While this isn’t entirely untrue, it’s not the whole story either. On a hot summer day, the surface of your exterior will be quite hot, and when the relatively colder droppings make contact, this leads to contraction and cracking of your laquer. If you don’t act quickly, the marks left behind will only be more difficult to deal with.

Rain & Plant Material

While everyone knows how unsightly bird droppings are, far too many drivers underestimate the damage that precipitation and plant debris can do. Just like bird droppings, rain has a certain level of acidity that can be harmful in its own way, but rain is also often a carrier of mineral content like calcium and magnesium. These can lead to water spots on both your paint job and your windows. When combined with abrasive plant materials like pine needles and leaves, this is a real recipe for disaster. Rain can plaster leaves to the surface, giving your paint job a hefty dose of superficial damage.

Your Habits

No matter how aware you are of the physical causes of paint and window damage, it won’t get you anywhere unless you consider the maintenance and driving habits that can allow them to happen. Parking is a particularly important factor here. Whenever you can, park in a well-protected spot or one with no large trees hanging over it. Have your car professionally washed when needed, and don’t forget to stock up on approved BMW exterior care products. They will give you the most effective results and protection. Ask your local BMW-certified technician what they have in stock!

Are you sufficiently managing and protecting your exterior? The certified technicians at Motorwerkes have everything you need to care for every aspect of your BMW or MINI, inside and out. Get in touch with us today by calling (403) 453-0269 and we’ll be happy to help!

A History of MINI and Motorsport

A History of MINI and Motorsport - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

To the untrained eye, the MINI may not look like it could dominate a race or rally. It’s a humble vehicle on the outside, but it boasts an impressive history of wins at some of the world’s greatest events. Here’s a glimpse at what this small but mighty vehicle has accomplished in competition.

Help from John Cooper

The Cooper Car Company began as a small operation in the mid-1940s, based in the garage of Charles and John Cooper. Specializing in the construction of racing cars, they became one of history’s most important contributors to Formula One engineering. They also changed the face of MINI. The original Mini was not initially designed for motorsport, but after some convincing, Mini designer Alec Issigonis allowed John Cooper to build what would become the Mini Cooper in 1961. It added front disc brakes, twin SU carburettors, and other elements, with its race-tuned engine increasing the Mini’s power from 34 to 55 bhp.

The Monte Carlo Rally and Others

After the release of the even more powerful Mini Cooper S in 1963, the newly sport-optimized Minis would establish the bulk of their most famous wins throughout the ‘60s. In 1964, 1965, and 1967, they grabbed titles at the famous Monte Carlo Rally in Monaco, France. They even got first place in 1966, but were disqualified because of a technicality regarding the design of their headlights. They also won Finland’s 1000 Lakes Rally in 1965, 1966, and 1967. This historic winning streak for the Mini wasn’t limited to rallies either, as they won the Final Finnish Grand Prix in 1963 and the 1965 Lowood 4 Hour endurance race.

Today’s Races

The ‘60s were an excellent decade for the Mini. However, some automotive fans may not realize just how big a role it plays in motorsports today. While the victories that we remember most often were by classic Mini models, the brand has still dominated many competitions since joining the BMW family. High-powered rally cars based on the MINI Countryman won the 9,000 km Dakar Rally Championship four years in a row between 2012 and 2015, and in 2017 MINI walked away with their fourth win in a row at the Canadian Touring Car Championship. Now that’s high power in a small package!

The MINI has defied expectations and become one of today’s most uniquely powerful vehicles. If you are lucky enough to be a MINI driver, you might be curious as to what it’s capable of. Call Motorwerkes at (403) 453-0269 to find out about what performance upgrades we can offer you!

The iX3: BMW’s First All-Electric SUV

The iX3: BMW’s First All-Electric SUV - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Electric vehicles have come a long way over the past two decades, and one of the foremost manufacturers producing them today is BMW. They’re also known for top-notch SUVs like the X3. At long last, it looks like drivers will soon be able to experience both of these worlds at once.

BMW’s Electric Endeavours

In recent years, BMW has significantly amped up their efforts at producing electric vehicles through their sub-brand BMW i. The project was founded in 2011 and began in earnest with the release of the i3 all-electric plug-in and the i8 plug-in hybrid several years later. The i3 even became the third best-selling all-electric car of all time only two years after its debut. For quite some time, these were the only vehicles offered under the BMW i banner, but BMW has recently confirmed new models for 2020. Not only this, but they’ve said that by the year 2025, they will offer as many as 25 electric vehicle models.

A Look at the iX3

The iX3 is one of the most exciting of these promised electric cars. As the name indicates, it’s a plug-in version of the X3, one of BMW’s most popular crossovers. This isn’t the first time that the manufacturer has ventured into the electric realm with its range of SUVs and SAVs, as the X7 iPerformance plug-in hybrid is slated to hit the market in 2019. However, the iX3 marks the brand’s first fully electric sports utility model. Its design will appeal significantly to those who aren’t big fans of the X7’s bulky size, while still having enough space to accommodate a battery large enough for a long-distance charge.   

More on the Horizon

We’re only really in the early stages of BMW’s ambitions when it comes to electric models. Also confirmed for 2020 will be the i4, an all-electric 4-door coupé based on the i Vision Dynamics concept that appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. With a charge range of up to 435 miles, this one beats out the Tesla Model 3. Even the super futuristic iNEXT concept will see a production model for 2021, no doubt pushing forward both the potential of battery power and carbon fibre construction. BMW plans to continue electrifying many of its established models and perfecting its eDrive technology.

It’s hard to deny the ingenuity that goes into developing such a forward-thinking line of performance luxury vehicles. Whether or not you own a BMW i model, give the Motorwerkes team a call at (403) 453-0269 and we will provide first-class repair, maintenance, and upgrades!

3 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing to Your BMW

3 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing to Your BMW - Motorwerkes - BMW Maintenance Experts Calgary

Some BMW drivers out there have better maintenance habits than others. You may think that an aspect of your vehicle or a problem you’re encountering is insignificant, but that’s how things start to get out of hand. Let’s take a look at some habits that are bound to get you into trouble.

Ignore Your Tire Pressure

Some maintenance habits are more related to the mechanical integrity, and others are more related to safety. Tire pressure is one thing that is closely tied in with both. Despite its importance, it’s one factor that drivers ignore or forget about the most. If you don’t check your tire pressure and keep it at the right level, you’re asking for a shorter life on those tires you invested in and, in the worst-case scenario, a shorter life for you and your passengers. The tire pressure monitoring system in your BMW should be paid attention to not only for the sake of tire pressure itself, but because it could indicate a puncture.

Drive When Overheated

As we move closer to the heat of summer, it’s a good idea to bear in mind the health of your engine. This is especially true for older BMW models, but regardless of age, you should always pay attention to your heat gauge and respond to it accordingly. If you continue to drive when overheated, this will cause a lot of extra wear and tear to your engine. Keep extra coolant on hand, as this can be a lifesaver if you realize you’re in dire need of a refill. Depending on the circumstances, however, the problem could be worse. A coolant leak, for instance, will need immediate attention from a mechanic.

Avoid Routine Maintenance

Of all the things that you shouldn’t be doing to your BMW, this is one of the most important. Why? Because falling behind on routine scheduled maintenance can lead to the above problems and so many more. From fluid changes and top-ups to brake checks, tire rotation, and more, a comprehensive and consistent maintenance schedule is the lifeblood of a healthy vehicle. Neglecting these vital procedures will mean higher costs down the line and a BMW that isn’t working up to its full potential. You drive one of the best cars on the road, it deserves to be taken care of by a certified technician!

If you’re guilty of any of the above, you’re not alone. Teaming up with a local BMW specialist will make the task of caring for your BMW easier than it’s ever been. And don’t forget that Motorwerkes has a price match guarantee! Call us at (403) 453-0269 to find out more today.

Looking for a Used Mini? Certified Pre-Owned Is Worth Considering

Looking for a Used Mini? Certified Pre-Owned Is Worth Considering - Motorwerkes - Dinan and Active Autowerke Software Tunings

Buying a used car can be an excellent option for anyone who wants a quality vehicle at a bargain price. That is, as long as you choose wisely. It’s not always easy finding the best deal for your money when buying from strangers, but a certified pre-owned MINI is a tempting option.

What Does CPO Mean?

There are many ways to get a used vehicle today. Some purchase them via local classified ads, some from friends or relatives, and many even through eBay. What these methods have in common is that you very often don’t know what you’re getting, even if the original owner is someone you know and trust. Certified pre-owned vehicles have been used by a previous driver, but are being resold through the original manufacturer rather than between two unaffiliated parties. A CPO program is a way for a vehicle manufacturer to offer top-condition models priced lower than they would be if brand new.

Key Advantages

Getting a pre-owned MINI from the manufacturer itself sounds well and dandy, but what exactly does the process entail? Firstly, used MINIs are hand-selected according to higher standards than you’d get otherwise. Before they’re put back into the market, they undergo a thorough and extensive refurbishment process, particularly in terms of functionality. If any part replacement is needed, this is done with genuine OEM parts, and various testing procedures are carried out by certified MINI technicians. You’ll also get MINI’s certified pre-owned limited warranty, 24/7 roadside assistance, and it’s guaranteed to be under 5 years old.

Things to Keep in Mind

While a CPO MINI can offer you great quality and longevity as a competitive price point, as with even the best of deals, there are considerations to be aware of. A CPO limited warranty can be a great advantage over what you get with a non-certified used vehicle, but the warranty is added to the original sale date of the vehicle when it was purchased new. It will also require a $50 deductible for repairs. Never forget that no warranty is perfect, and the earlier you establish a great relationship with an independent BMW specialist, the longer your CPO MINI will provide you with an excellent driving experience!

If a MINI has caught your eye, we can’t blame you. They’re as powerful and efficient as they are classy. As part of the BMW family, they’re covered by all of the services that Motorwerkes offers for BMWs. However you get your MINI, call (403) 453-0269 for the best service in Calgary!